School Spirit & History

A quilt of many T-shirts

Keel QuiltThrough the years Keeley has had many school T-shirts.  Cyndie Lubbeck, a former employee of Keeley Elementary, made this wonderful quilt with old Keeley t-shirts.    This beautiful quilt full of history is displayed in the front lobby. 

Former administration celebrate 25 years

25 AnniversaryDr. Campbell and Mrs. Turner were the former principal and assistant principal at Keeley.  They retired at the end of the 2014/15 school year.  Dr. Campbell and Mrs. Turner celebrated their 25th anniversary as co-workers for Garland ISD in September 2012.  They met 25 years ago when Mrs. Turner was a music teacher at Ethridge Elementary in Garland and Dr. Campbell was the principal.  When Keeley opened in 1991, Dr. Campbell brought Mrs. Turner to Keeley to develop the music program.  After 2 years, Mrs. Turner was promoted to the aassistant principalship and has worked as an administrator with Dr. Campbell for the last 22 years at Keeley.  The staff threw a surprise "25th Anniversary" party for the twosome complete with a cake, flowers, gifts and a staff lunch.  A picture wall and decorations were also placed in the teachers' lounge.  The wall included 25 years of pictures that the two have collected over the years.  Pictures were displayed of them riding a motorcycle, kissing a pig, participating in plays, and celebrating and attending special events.  Keeley was fortunate to have consistency in leadership for the past 22 years.

Annie Keeley


Annie Keeley Elementary School opened its doors in August 1991.  Annie Keeley spent a majority of her life in the Liberty Grove community where this school now stands.  Her service included teaching in the two small rural schools located in the Liberty Grove area, in Rowlett, and in the Garland ISD.  She was a dedicated educator in the area for forty years until her retirement in 1953.  The Garland ISD Board of Trustees unanimously supported the recommendation to name this school after this former GISD teacher.

 Annie Keeley


Annie Keeley

Keeley Elementary

The front of the school has two main entrances; one for kids and one for adults.  Uppermost in the minds of the designers was the fact that it would be used by children.  The details in the school reflect those concepts.  The ceilings are festooned with colorful banners, the railings are decorated with geometric shapes, and the support columns are fashioned into huge crayons.

 penny in hard hat
Pictured above is Dr. Penny Campbell, first principal of Keeley Elementary, with hard hat in hand, awaiting the first day of school.  Keeley opened its doors on August 21, 1991, and was the 37th Elementary to open in GISD.

Did you know?

*The hallway in the classroom wing curves in a long, slow arc.  This design element was dubbed "the learning curve".  This curve makes the hall seem much less intimidating for a student walking to class.

*The darker colored brick on the exterior increases in height as the classroom clusters increase in age level.  The 1st grade level is close to the ground and by the time the wall reaches 5th grade, the darker bricks are placed much higher.

*The exterior of the gym wall features special brickwork forming images such as a cannon and a periscope.  

Keeley staff picture, 1991

 Keeley Staff 1991
This is the original Keeley staff picture from 1991.  Dr. Campbell is the first and only principal of Keeley as well as eight other staff members who have been with Keeley since the doors were opened in 1991.  Cool huh!?

 The student flag

 human flag
On September 11, 2002, one year after 9/11, Keeley students and staff wore red, white, and blue and made a human flag to commemorate September 11, 2001. 

Keeley Spirit

  • T-shirt Fridays - Staff and students wear Keeley T-shirts on Fridays through out the school year.  T-shirts are available for purchase at any time.  

  • Popcorn Day - We have "popcorn day" once a month on a Friday.  Students purchase popcorn for 50 cents during their recess.


Keeley has many traditions that promote school unity.

  • Award Assemblies 
  • Western Day
  • Pastries for Parents
  • Sweetheart Dance
  • Val-O-Grams 
  • Fall Carnival
  • Halloween Boo Grams


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