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The goal of the Keeley Library is to foster a love of reading and to create lifelong learners who can navigate the modern digital world.  We grow our readers in first grade through fifth grade by allowing the students to come every day to check out two new books from our large collection.  In addition, each class comes once a week for a lesson.  Library is no longer just about "listening to a story each week."  Students learn to make inferences and predictions, analyze the parts of a story such as setting, character and plot, as well as make comparisons with other stories and/or information they have read.  In addition, students are taught digital literacy skills such as online safety, website evaluation and database searches to help them to navigate our current world.

Meet the teachers

Cindy Macalik, Library Assistant

Julie Riland, Librarian



Directions for Online Resources

Accelerated reader

  • Parents can now look at their child's AR record from home! The Home Connect site provides the parent with a snapshot of student's AR records.  It includes the child's current word count and the most recent test taken.  You may also click on the individual books on the bookshelf to see the score made on that test.  
  • If you are trying to find out if a book is AR, go to AR Book Finder.
  • We have directions on how to create a list to take with you to the book store or public library.

A.R. parties

Teachers set each student's point goal based on their reading ability. If a student meets the point goal and maintains an 85% average for the grading cycle, then the student is invited to the AR party at the end of the grading cycle. The theme/activities for the A.R. party changes each six weeks. Mrs. Riland coordinates the parties and is always open to new ideas. The funding for the party activities is donated by the PTA. 


A.R. party schedule and times

 Date Grading Period
  1st 6 weeks A.R. party
  2nd 6 weeks A.R. party
  3rd 6 weeks A.R. party
  4th 6 weeks A.R. party
  5th 6 weeks A.R. party
  6th 6 weeks A.R. party


 Time Grade Level
 8:10 - 8:50 4th grade
 9:10 - 9:50 2nd grade
 10:50 - 11:30 5th grade
 12:15 - 12:55 1st grade
 1:15 - 1:55 3rd grade

Student accounts

Did you know you can find out what books your child currently has checked out?  We have directions if you need to see your child's library account.

Late and lost book information

We do not charge fines for late books, only for damaged or lost books.  Due to the paperwork involved, I will not send a book to lost and generate a fine until the book has been missing for one week.  If a student pays for a book and then finds it in good condition later, I will issue a refund minus a dollar for processing.  We do not accept replacement books in lieu of payment.  The majority of books purchased for our library have a stronger library binding and come with barcodes and spine labels so that they can be placed directly on the shelf.  If you ever have a question about a book your child has lost, please feel free to call or email Mrs. Riland.

Destiny quest app download

A free Destiny Quest App is available for Apple and Android products.  This app can be used to search our library catalog to determine what books your child has or to read ebooks straight from the catalog.

Ebooks available

We continue to add to our ebook collection. Unfortunately, some of the earlier purchases from Capstone are limited to computers, Apple devices, and devices that run Adobe Flash. The ebooks purchased from Follett can be downloaded to all devices except Kindle Fire. You can view the books with a Kindle Fire but they cannot be downloaded. 

If you need directions for accessing our ebooks, please click on the device you are using: 

Students may only check out one ebook at a time.  If you have questions, please email Mrs. Riland.

Usernames and passwords

Have you tried to access Tumblebooks or Britannica and been stumped when it asked for your username and password?  That information is now on a label on the "Homework" pocket of your child's Moose.

Checkout procedures

  • Must checkout at least 1 AR book.
  • Student can only come to the library once a day.  (Teachers have books in the classroom for students to read during the day.)
  • Student cannot checkout on their library day if they have not turned in all of their books.
  • Student cannot checkout during open checkout if they have an overdue book.

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