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Math, Science & Technology (MST)

Magnet Program

Beaver Technology Center is a K-5 magnet school with an emphasis on math, science, and technology. Our mission is to provide a positive, diverse, collaborative, and interactive learning environment that supports 21st century learners. For Beaver Tech kids, school is a fun, exciting, and an engaging place to be, where learning is connected to their worlds. We integrate technology to address the learning needs and styles of all students. Technology is incorporated throughout the day to engage students at high levels of critical thinking and for students to create quality products that are relevant and demonstrate real world problem-solving skills.


The majority of the population are selected from a pool of qualified applicants. To encourage diversity, children from the surrounding neighborhood are included in the school and also benefit from the math, science and technology concept. Students from outside the neighborhood are subject to qualification procedures. Initially, qualification for the MST program in grades K-5 is based on achievement scores, report card averages and at appropriate grades, and state assessment scores. Academic progress of students will be closely monitored. The magnet qualification process is separate from the district’s choice process. You can visit the Gifted and Talented Department section of the GISD website for more information.

Texas Success Initiative

Texas SUCCESS provides state-funded access to interactive math and reading programs for Texas public school students in grades 3-8. The Texas Education Agency is providing access to Istation Reading and Think Through Math.

Beaver students have received information about how to access these programs from home.

What Makes Us Different?

Collaborative Learning

Beaver students often work in collaborative groups to complete assigned tasks. Whether it’s creating a digital narrative to retell a story, or working together in a science experiment, we believe that working together to accomplish tasks is a “real world” skill and is vital to student development. In collaborative groups, students can share strengths and also develop their weaker skills. They develop their interpersonal skills, and learn what it means to work as a team and to deal with conflict. Guided by clear objectives and an understanding of how to work together, students engage in numerous activities that improve their understanding of subjects explored.

SMART Boards and Interactive Technology

Interactive Whiteboards are phenomenal tools that are changing the way teaches and students teach and learn. Beaver classrooms are outfitted with SMART Boards which create an interactive digital learning environment. Anything that can be done on a computer monitor, can be replicated on the interactive white board. Teachers can create engaging lessons that focus on one task such as a matching activity where students use either their fingers or a pen to match items. Another teacher might integrate multiple items into a lesson plan such as websites, photos, and music that students can interact with, respond to verbally or even write comments on the board itself. Image size and placement can change with a simple touch to the screen. This technology makes the traditional white board or projector come alive. Imagine taking a class on a photo safari to Africa complete with embedded videos, animal sounds and mapping software. Students love it!

Live Announcements and Broadcast Studio

The day kicks off with “Good morning, Beaver Stars, this is Kate coming to you live from our Beaver MST Studio, delivering the announcements for...”, as our fifth grade broadcast crew delivers the morning announcements from our broadcast studio. Green screen technology allows our fourth grade meteorologists to broadcast from a news room and our young comedians to tell their jokes on stage. We also mix in character development videos created by our fifth grade Project Wisdom crew or movie trailers of upcoming school events or class projects.

iPods, iPads, Wireless Technology

Beaver Tech students and staff use 21st Century technology skills to problem solve.  Our students use iPods and iPads in their classes to create projects and to work with apps that reinforce skills taught in class. We use podcasting and iPod videos to communicate information. Beaver Tech teachers and students are also using blogs and wikis to help share ideas within and outside the classroom walls. Our wireless network allows teachers and students to utilize web 2.0 applications throughout the building.

Fourth Grade Meteorologists

Fourth graders participate in an award-winning school program that provides live weather data to teachers and students. The data is processed by WeatherBug software and applied to daily curriculum to aid individual learning in the real world and to help educators meet national education standards.

A WeatherBug System is a real-time commercial weather monitoring system. It measures outdoor and indoor temperatures, rainfall, relative humidity, light intensity, wind speed and direction, and barometric pressure.

Each WeatherBug System provides instant online and on-air weather direct from each school location to its local broadcast affiliates. Both broadcast stations and schools benefit from AWS' innovative combination of live weather and real-world educational curriculum. A complete weather station is equipped with an external rooftop WeatherBug monitoring system.

STARLAB Portable Planetarium

The STARLAB system is a portable teaching environment that can be brought right into the classroom. It consists of an inflatable dome that seats 35-45 students, a projector and projection cylinders that cover a range of topics from stars and constellations to Native American legends. Students and parents alike love the special activities in the STARLAB.

Safety Patrol

"Please walk, and have a great day", is the first contact many students and teachers have when they arrive at Beaver Technology Center. Every year BTC selects responsible fifth graders to serve as Safety Patrol members. This position is designed to provide the students at BTC with a chance to serve in a leadership position. The dedicated students who participate in this position arrive each morning at 7:30 ready to start the day. There are several areas in the building where safety patrol members serve. The most important assignment is in front of the school. We call this position "curb patrol". The students work outside each morning in the rain, sleet and snow. There are other safety patrol members inside the building stationed at key locations to make sure everyone is welcomed with a smile. In addition to morning duty, there are also students who work in the afternoon, assisting with afternoon dismissal. Safety patrol members are taught to treat each person with respect. They realize they are there to serve the students, staff, and parents at Beaver Technology Center.

Apple Distinguished Program

Garland ISD's elementary MST magnet program was named an Apple Distinguished Program for 2012-13.Kids on MACIt's one of only 103 programs nationwide, and the only elementary program in Texas to receive this distinction.

See why:

GISD Elementary MST Program - Apple Distinguished Program Application

View the application in iBooks (for viewing on iPad in landscape mode using the iBooks App)

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