Math, Science & Technology (MST)

Magnet Information Meeting

On Monday, Novemenber 30, Beaver is hosting a MST Information meeting from 7-8:00 pm. Come join us. Take a look around the campus, meet the Beaver staff, and learn what makes the MST Magnet program so special. Below is a link to our information brochure.

MST Magnet brochure

Magnet Program

Beaver Technology Center is a K-5 magnet school with an emphasis on math, science, and technology. Our mission is to provide a positive, diverse, collaborative, and interactive learning environment that supports 21st century learners.

For Beaver Tech kids, school is a fun, exciting, and an engaging place to be, where learning is connected to their world. We integrate technology to address the learning needs and styles of all students. Technology is incorporated throughout the day to engage students at high levels of critical thinking and for students to create quality products that are relevant and demonstrate real world problem-solving skills.

What makes us different?

Beaver is a Math Science Technology Magnet. We use our one-to-one ratio of iPads and MacBooks daily. Our classrooms are equipped with SMART Boards. That said, our technology is not what defines us. The way we use our technology is what sets us apart.

We are educating 21st Century students to be successful in a 21st Century world. To that end, three skills are essential, and these are skills we emphasize at Beaver.


  • Each person responsible for quality of work, staying on task
  • Strategies for discussion and decision-making 
  • Project management by prioritizing tasks, self-monitoring progress 
  • Work with diverse group members.  


  • Develop content for audience
  • Effective oral presentations
  • Use visuals and multimedia to enhance presentations
  • Respond to audience questions

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

  • Define problem, ask relevant questions
  • Gather pertinent information, evaluate quality and validity of information
  • Organize, analyze, synthesize information into defendable conclusions
  • Consider alternative

MacBooks, iPads, Wireless Technology

Beaver Tech students and staff use 21st Century technology skills to problem solve.  Our students use MacBooks and iPads in their classes to create projects and to work with apps that reinforce skills taught in class. Beaver Tech teachers and students are also using blogs and wikis to help share ideas within and outside the classroom walls. Our wireless network allows teachers and students to utilize web 2.0 applications throughout the building. 

SMART Boards and Interactive Technology

Interactive Whiteboards are phenomenal tools that are changing the way teachers and students teach and learn. Beaver classrooms are outfitted with SMART Boards which create an interactive digital learning environment. Anything that can be done on a computer monitor, can be replicated on the interactive white board. Teachers can create engaging lessons that focus on one task such as a matching activity where students use either their fingers or a pen to match items. Another teacher might integrate multiple items into a lesson plan such as websites, photos, and music that students can interact with, respond to verbally or even write comments on the board itself. Image size and placement can change with a simple touch to the screen. This technology makes the traditional white board or projector come alive. Imagine taking a class on a photo safari to Africa complete with embedded videos, animal sounds and mapping software. Students love it!


The majority of the population are selected from a pool of qualified applicants. To encourage diversity, children from the surrounding neighborhood are included in the school and also benefit from the math, science and technology concept. Students from outside the neighborhood are subject to qualification procedures.

Initially, qualification for the MST program in grades K-5 is based on achievement scores, report card averages and at appropriate grades, and state assessment scores. Academic progress of students will be closely monitored.

The magnet qualification process is separate from the district’s choice process. You can visit the Gifted and Talented Department section of the GISD website for more information.

Texas Success Initiative

Texas SUCCESS provides state-funded access to interactive math and reading programs for Texas public school students in grades 3-8. The Texas Education Agency is providing access to Istation Reading and Think Through Math.

Beaver students have received information about how to access these programs from home.

Apple Distinguished Program

Apple recognizes outstanding schools and programs worldwide for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence.

Garland ISD's elementary MST magnet program has been named as an Apple Distinguished Program for 2012-13, 2013-15 and 2015-17.Kids on MAC

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