Policies and Procedures

Expectations of Students at Lakeview Centennial High School
  1. Students will be at school, on time to class, and ready to learn.
  2. Students will have all required books, materials, and supplies when they enter the classroom.
  3. Students will be respectful of the teachers, adults (or guests), and of other students in the school.
  4. Students will respect school property and the property of other students.
  5. Students will follow the rules, and the dress/grooming code set by the school.
  6. Students will contribute to a positive school and classroom environment where learning can take place and all students can be successful.


In School Suspension

The In School Suspension Room, or ISS, is an in-school alternative classroom where students who have violated either school rules or dress and grooming codes may be placed.  Students placed in the In School Suspension room will have a very structured day and must follow strict procedures, which could include all of the following:

  1. Copying the In School Suspension room rules.
  2. Completing all assignments that the student has received from the ISS teacher.
  3. Assisting with other needs of the school, including maintaining specific areas around the school

It is the student's responsibility while in ISS to stay current with their other classes, and get the missing assignments from their teachers.  Student's work will be checked by the In School Suspension room teacher.



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