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GHS Alumni Association President - Steve Rhodes

  • Did you know that the GHS Alumni Association annual dues are just $10 per household (see form to join below)?
  • Did you know that the Association currently supports six (6) $1500.00 scholarships annually?
  • The Alumni Association holds an all-class reunion every year from noon to 3 p.m. on the first Saturday in October in the Boys (big) gym at GHS. At the end of event the new Distinguished Alumni Awards are given out. Previous All-Class Reunion pictures here.  

With your membership, you receive four printed newsletters per year (see a sample).  If Interested in a fun read and supporting deserving students' college pursuits, download the Membership Form and join the GHS Alumni Association!

If your class is interested in submitting a link for your web site or information regarding your reunion, please e-mail the webmaster.

If you are trying to locate a classmate, Facebook has a Garland High School Alumni group with many GHS students registered.  We do not recommend this site and are not affiliated with it in any way, but know that many GHS graduates are utilizing this site.  Additionally, there is a GHS Memorials page on Facebook.

Our Alumni Association President, Steve Rhodes, is looking for student directories (called Hoo's Hoos or Who's Whos) to complete his collection. He currently has the years: 62-70, 72-76, 80 and 83. If you have a student directory other than those listed, he would like very much to get a copy. Steve has no idea when they started being published and when they stopped, but would appreciate you checking and letting him know.

Reunion/Website Information

The following information has been submitted by GHS class alumni.

GHS Class of 1940
Katie Marshall Underwood: 214-515-9097
Alice Fleming: 214-341-4399

GHS Class of 1944
Austin Cleveland: 940-262-0522

GHS Class of 1945

Jeanne Ragland Baker: 972-226-2898

GHS Class of 1949
Jody Ryan Burns: 972-276-9069

GHS Class of 1950
Margie Rupard Swearingen: 512-864-0306
Clara Long Winkler: 972-412-9323
Karen Paul Simmons: 972-475-0968

GHS Class of 1951
Florence Long Stone: 972-278-6716

GHS Class of 1952
Ginny Lewis Harper: 214-534-5802

GHS Class of 1953
Ann Daugherty Ticknor: 972-278-8741 

GHS Class of 1954
Gaye Green Morrison: 972-278-1496

GHS Class of 1955
Barbara Wren Broughton: 972-278-1871

GHS Class of 1956
Marilyn Miller: 214-537-3382 

GHS Class of 1957
Don Rubarts: 972-412-2460

GHS Class of 1958
Bill Evans: 972-978-1994

GHS Class of 1959
Doris Gatlin Smith: 972-278-2891

GHS Class of 1960
Kay Kunkler Wilson
Rhonda Randolph Mullen: 972-278-7826

GHS Class of 1961
GHS Class of 1962
Tim Powell: 214-901-3477

GHS Class of 1963
GHS Class of 1964

Sydna Holbert Gordon

GHS Class of 1965
Steve Rhodes: 214-383-3837

GHS Class of 1966
Gail Landry: 214-727-5644
Class of 1966 Facebook page

GHS Class of 1967
Brenda Fagala Brown: 214-212-5152
Phillip Boyd
Class email:
Facebook page

GHS Class of 1968
Connie Hargis Ortega: 214-476-6735
Facebook page

GHS Class of 1969 
Patti Williamson
Facebook page

GHS Class of 1970
Marti Stricklin: 214-695-1063 

GHS Class of 1971
Brenda Poovey Lunsford: 214-674-9160
Facebook page 

GHS Class of 1972
Johnny Noska: 214-850-9071
Class of 1972 Website

GHS Class of 1973
Susan Boulden: 214-341-1028
Reunion Contact email
Facebook page

GHS Class of 1975
Facebook page 

GHS Class of 1976 
Kathryn Perry Dickinson
Vicki Lynn Whitney: 903-513-7615
1976 Class Reunion page on Facebook 

GHS Class of 1977
Brenda Butler

GHS Class of 1978
Karen Gouge Jordan: 972-345-4563

GHS Class of 1979
Stacy Miller: 972-800-0148
Greg Moore: 214-335-0938 

GHS Class of 1980
Robin Harrison Stamper: 469-595-2836

GHS Class of 1981
Bobby Keeton

GHS Class of 1982
Judy Wilson: 469-223-1878 

GHS Class of 1983
Facebook page 

GHS Class of 1985
Kelly Maroney Peoples: 972-771-2542 

GHS Class of 1986

Or send contact information to

GHS Class of 1987
Randy Fletcher: 972-429-4593

GHS Class of 1992
Jay Pointer: 214-886-2800
Facebook Page 

GHS Class of 1995
Facebook page 

GHS Class of 1996
Reunion Contact: Email
20 Year Reunion Tickets
Facebook page

GHS Class of 1998
Darian Jones

GHS Class of 2010
Dianna Story: 214-283-9749 


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