Get to Know Your Counselor

Your counselor is someone who you will want to get to know because she can assist you as you progress through middle school. Make an appointment to see your counselor.

Division Counselor Phone (972) Ext.
A-K Raeane Lira 475-3711 x51806
L-Z Keith Baker  475-3711 x51833
LIGHT Julie Coleman 475-3711 x51810
Aide Lisa Dunphy 475-3711 x51812


Parent Connection Newsletter

GISD Parent Monthly Newsletter are designed to help you help your child achieve academic success.


The Ready! College.Career.Life program is an integral part of GISD culture. Helping students to explore, plan, and act is part of daily life in the classroom and special events across the district.

In addition to the academic rigor of our classrooms and the variety of resources like those listed below, campus staff and district departments provide activities and events that spark imaginations and provide assistance -- College Day, career days, workshops, check lists, and more.

GISD's READY! College.Career.Life  Video

When I Grow Up:  Kids and Dream Careers   
In this video:What do you do when your teen's career dream is impractical? Parents should encourage dreams, but stress a practical fallback option.

In this video:The SAT can be a good motivator to help kids work harder in school. But middle schoolers shouldn't stress about the SAT, and should avoid taking it for the wrong reasons.

College Prep:  Weighing the Cost of College
In this video: Ivy League schools look good on your resume, but are they worth the cost? Studies show career success isn't dependent on a school's reputation, but on a student's performance. 

Meet Vince Young:  After leaving college early to play football in the NFL, Vince Young has returned to college and is excited to finish his degree in education from the University of Texas.

Website Links for College, Career, and Life Decisions

Check out this excellent college workbook entitled, My Future, My Way: First Steps Toward College A Workbook for Middle and Junior High School Students. English and Spanish versions available. provides a list of career choices and additional website links that will help your student.  Each month a different career is highlighted.

What Can My Counselor Do For Me?

Counselors will help you by:

  • reviewing your choice of subjects each spring during registration (February - April)
  • helping solve academic scheduling problems
  • providing study skills and academic information
  • providing career and college information
  • helping in teacher/student relationships
  • helping cope with family issues
  • listening to concerns about friends, etc.
  • giving you information about life and decision-making skills
  • referring you to people or places outside of school for help if necessary
  • being your advocate – counselors are here for you!

Counselors for each campus are certified by the state of Texas in School Counseling, have a Master’s Degree, and previous teaching experience. Each middle school has two guidance counselors to help ensure that adequate support for helping students to succeed and meet their goals is available.

In addition, each middle school campus has a student services specialist - LIGHT counselor. Campus LIGHT counselors have had additional training in specialty areas to help students maintain and choose a healthy lifestyle. They provide counseling, support groups, presentations, prevention activities, classroom guidance, and crisis intervention for students.  

Visit the district website for more information about the GISD Guidance & Counseling and LIGHT programs.



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