Enriched Art

Mrs. Harms's portrait

Instructor: Laura Harms

Academy students who qualify for the Gifted & Talented program as Talented Artistically in Art may receive services by participating in Enriched Art class. 

The Enriched Art curriculum focuses on art production, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics.

Students participating in Enriched Art can expect to:

  • Learn about and investigate art
  • Create works of art
  • Write about art
  • Talk about art

Grade Level Activities

Art production, Art History, Art Criticism, and Aesthetics

Second Six Weeks Instructional Focus

Students painting their drawing in enriched art class.

This six Weeks all students are creating personal portfolios
that will be used throughout the school year.

  • 5th Grade: Students are learning about China and creating three dimensional sculptures.
  • 4th Grade: Students are learning about the Maya and the Aztecs and creating weavings.
  • 3rd Grade: Students will be learning about American artist Louis Comfort Tiffany and creating a jewelry.
  • 2nd Grade: Students are learning about Impressionism and creating paintings.

Tips for Parents

A student painting his colorful picture of a bird

Help your child remember to be creative at home by completing Enriched Art sketchbook assignments.


Are you interested in auditioning to be identified as Talented Artistically in Art?

Please visit the visit the GISD website:


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