Academy for Excellence Magnet

Who can enroll?

Our elementary academies are located at Hillside, Kimberlin, and Walnut Glen. Students who meet the minimum academic requirements (see below) and/or are identified as musically and/or artistically talented may apply for this magnet program.

Academically qualified students in grades K-5 are provided accelerated instruction in math and an enriched English language arts, science and social studies curriculum. Qualified students are grouped and taught at appropriate levels in all core areas.

Musically and artistically talented students in grades 2-5 are provided enrichment in their identified areas. Qualified talented students receive additional music and/or art enrichment instruction in “pull-out” classes each week.


  • 90 percentile+ on state-approved achievement test in reading or math
  • 90 percentile+ on state-approved ability test

To be considered for a magnet program, a student must 

  • be enrolled or pre-enrolled in our district
  • have program eligibility testing or other district-determined testing results completed
  • complete an application 

The specific requirements and timelines for each of the items listed above varies by the student's age/grade level. Check this link for the details that apply to your student.


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