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Get the APP for your electronic devices!

Austin students love to read and love to recomend their favorite books to each other.  Through their personal accounts in Destiny Quest, students are able to "friend" each other and recommend books to one another.  

Another great way that students are reconnecting to great books is through Austin's new eBook collection that will be rapidly growing in the next few months. Whether it's a Kindle, Nook, iPad, phone or computer, students can check out eBooks for the library's Follett Shelf and read them on their electronic devices.  

Just install BryteWave K-12 from the AppStore.  Once you open the app, select GISD and Austin Academy for Excellent.  Then login and READ!

  • Username: s+ID number
  • Password: same as library password

Download the Follett Enlight App to read the eBooks offline on your electric devices.

Favorite Young Adult Authors

Robin Brande: Evolution, Me and Other Freaks of Nature and Fat Cat

Susan Campbell Bartoletti: Hitler Youth and The Boy Who Dared


Suzanne Collins: Underland Chronicles and Hunger Games Series

Caroline Cooney: Janie Series, Code Orange, Enter Three Witches, If The Witness Lied 

Margaret Peterson H

Kiera Cass:  The Selection Series

Margaret Peterson Haddix: Shadow Children Series, The Missing Series, Double Identity

Gordon Korman: Pop, Juvie Three, Schooled, Born To Rock, Griffin Bing and His Team Series

Wendy Mass: Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, Every Soul A Star, 11 Birthdays, The Candymakers, Pi in the Sky, Leap Day, Rapunzel:  the One With All the Hair

Lisa McMann:  The Unwanted series

R.J. Palacio:  Wonder

Veronica Roth:  Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant

Jordan Sonnenblick:  Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie, After Ever After, Curveball, Notes from Midnight Driver, Zin and the Art of Faking It

Neal Shusterman:  Unwind, Antsy Does Time, Bruiser, Unwholly, Full Tilt, Ducklying Ugly, Darkness Creeping, Ship Out of Luck

Gary Schmidt:  The Wednesday Wars, Trouble, Okay for Now, What Came From the Stars

Wendelin Van Draanen:  The Running Dream, Flipped, Runaway, The Sammy Keyes Series

Scott Westerfeld:  The Uglies Series, The Leviathan Series, The Midnighters Series


Authors Inspire Austin Readers!

Each year the Austin Academy library hosts an author visit from a well-known YA author. Students are treated to assemblies to hear these authors talk about what inspires them to write and provide tips for becoming good writers and readers. Past authors who have visited Austin Academy include Susan Campbell Bartoletti, Jordan Sonnenblick, Robin Brande, Neal Shusterman and Gordon Korman. This year we are thrilled to have Margaret Peterson Haddix, join us at Austin Academy.


Book Club

Austin Academy has a very active book club that meets on Tuesday afternoons during Extended Day. Between 40 and 50 avid readers from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade join together for refreshments and lively discussion about favorite books. All students are welcome to come.


2015 Texas Lone Star Reading List

Each year the Texas Library Association selects what they consider to be the best 20 books published for young adults in the United States in the past year. These are always favorites for our students at Austin Academy. You can go to their website.


Hooked on Series

Austin Academy’s library is serious about series. Students can read from beginning to end in over 875 series.  From fantasy, sci-fi, humor and adventure to mystery, historical fiction, realistic fiction and romance, there is a series that fits everyone’s reading pleasure. Finding a good series to read is one way to really get hooked on reading!


Library Schedule

Students are welcome to come to the library before school on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings at 8:00 a.m. Mrs. King will pick up students from the cafeteria at 8:05. Due to meeting conflicts, the library does not open until 8:40am on Tuesdays.

The library is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons from 3:50-4:50 for student research as well as for pleasure reading and check out. The library will close at 4:00pm on Mondays due to conflicts with Extended Day Explore Classes.

Students are welcome to drop in and out of the library between classes as long as they make it to their scheduled classes on time. During scheduled class periods, students must have a pass from a teacher to come to the library. Students needing to use the computers for research are required to sign in and out.

Checking out a book

Students are allowed to check out 3 items at a time. Books are checked out for 2 weeks at a time. Magazines will be checked out for 1 week, and reference books will be checked out for 3 days. Due date slips will always be available at the circulation counter when materials are checked out.

Overdue Books

Unreturned books and magazines become overdue the day after their due date. The computer system blocks further check-out until the overdue item(s) have been returned. After 30 days, overdue materials will automatically be marked as lost and students will be required to pay for them at that time.

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