Regular Schedule

A1/B1 7:30-9:02
A2/B2 9:08-10:41
A3/B3 10:47-1:02
 A Lunch 10:47-11:17
 B Lunch 11:22-11:52
 C Lunch 11:57-12:27
 D Lunch 12:32-1:02
A4/B4 1:08-2:40

In order to accommodate those students also attending the GRCTC, the regular bell schedule must be followed daily, regardless of special events taking place on individual campuses.

At Garland High, assemblies are scheduled for second period and pep rallies for fourth.  Unless otherwise indicated, these events will begin at 9:40 and 1:55, respectively.

Early Release Schedule 

A1/B1 7:30-8:51
A2/B2 8:58-10:19
A3/B3 10:25-12:40
 A Lunch 10:25-10:55
 B Lunch 11:00-11:30
 C Lunch 11:35-12:05   
 D Lunch 12:10-12:40

A4/B4 exams will be taken prior to the dates on which this schedule is used.

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