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As The School of Performing Arts in GISD, Garland High School, in addition to courses offered in this area by most schools, offers advanced classes in Performing Arts, such as Piano Lab, Guitar Lab, Music Theory, Pre-IB and IB Film, and IntH or IB Theatre.

Garland ISD Performing Arts Magnet information.

What is the Performing Arts Endorsement (PAE) at Garland High School?

GHS School of Performing ArtsAs approved by the GISD School Board, the Performing Arts Endorsement is a coherent sequence of courses designed for the artistically gifted/talented student. Beginning during the Freshman year, it guides the student through a specific path of academic study, performance criteria, and exposure to professional performance. This plan offers the opportunity to concentrate on the Performing Arts and gain proficiency in chosen areas of concentration during the high school years, much as a Music, Theatre or Film Major does in college.

Upon completion of the prescribed course of study, a Performing Arts Endorsement shall be awarded to the student. This endorsement will become applicable to university study or future professional endeavors. The Performing Arts Endorsement has been reviewed by both university and secondary administration. It has received praise for both its inclusiveness and its practicality. Added benefits may be increased scholarship opportunities and advanced placement in college courses. Students going directly into the job market will benefit from the practical experience gained through their performance experiences.

The goal of this program is to give students a well-rounded and intensive Fine Arts experience in conjunction with their other school course work and activities. These experiences at the high school level are very rare and establish the student as a "cut above" the rest. High performance standards supported by academic and technical subject knowledge will result in a musician and/or actor/film maker who is very marketable to universities and the professional world. 

What does the Performing Arts Endorsement Offer GHS students?
  • Provides access to a strong Fine Arts background in conjunction with core academics. 
  • Provides prospective Music, Theatre, and Film majors with better preparation and understanding of careers in the Performing Arts market.
  • Provides for increased performance opportunities and exposure to the professional music, theatrical, and film world.
  • Provides students preparation for college audition and placement exams through a rigorous, coherent, sequence of course study.
  • Provides students with an increased opportunity for Performing Arts scholarships and endowments.
  • Provides students having a primary interest in Performing Arts added incentive to focus on academics and achievement  recognition.
  • Provides students choosing an alternative to a four-year college the opportunity for hands-on training in the arts, enabling them direct access to theatrical, film, and music-related fields which do not necessarily require college training.
  • Provides students with a professional critique of their  performance skills on a yearly basis.
  • Provides opportunities for cross-discipline training within the Fine Arts community through course work and performance projects.
  • Provides a well-rounded basis for future Fine Arts endeavors.
What are the requirements for receiving the Performing Arts Endorsement?
  1. Pass all prescribed Performing Arts Endorsement academic and performance classes as specified in the Required Courses link. Junior music students will perform a Spring "jury" or graded recital performance for a panel of judges consisting of approved solo material and/or etudes. Theatre students perform a monologue. Senior candidates will perform in a Senior Recital before graduation. These performances will be critiqued by GHS faculty.
  2. Attendance is required for an average of three off-campus professional performances each year. Programs are to be submitted to the PAE Coordinator. A variety of performances, both musical and dramatic, is encouraged.
  3. Every candidate should be available for departmental performances above the minimum participation expected for membership in the various organizations. This could take the form of musicals, combined concerts, community performances, etc.
  4. * Instrumental, vocal, and piano students must participate in the UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest each year with a rating no lower than a Second Division. Solo classification (Class 1, 2, or 3) will be determined by the individual requirements for the department and the head director.
  5. * Instrumental and vocal candidates must participate in the TMEA All-Region audition process throughout their four years in the program and participate in organizations for which they may be selected.
  6. ** Theatre candidates must meet production requirements for the classes in which they are enrolled and participate in all department open shows above the minimum participation requirements. An individual senior project will be required.
  7. Film students must meet participation requirements for the classes in which they are enrolled and participate in AFI/Dallas Film Festival, and the Reel Owl Cinema Film Festival all four years.  Seniors will create a 7 minute film for adjudication. 
*   7 of the 8 requirements listed in #4 and #5 must be met in order to complete the PAE.
** Participation in 11 of the 12 required shows in #6 must take place in order to complete the PAE.

It is the student's responsibility to make sure records are current and correctly reflect their progress and accompllishments.  Failure to attend a yearly meeting requested by the PAE Coordinator could result in a lack of understanding of the requirements and a possible expulsion from the PAE could result.  All records will be kept with the PAE Coordinator.

What to do if you are interested . . .

See Garland ISD Performing Arts Magnet information.

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