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Abbett Elementary strives to create strong community and family relationships and engage in 21st century learning practices that develop confident, cooperative learners who will become real-world problem solvers


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Report urgent student concerns quickly and anonymously via a new webform and app.

Do you have all your high school credits from GISD but no diploma because of TAKS or TAAS testing? You may now be eligible to graduate due to a change in state law.


Attend an exciting, interactive event that will showcase student creations and engineering challenges.

Months of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics instruction culminates at the fifth-annual STEAMposium.

This one-of-a-kind event features campus winners from across the district as they face off against one another in challenges involving coding, parachutes, costumes, robotics, chess and more. An exciting awards ceremony will crown districtwide champions.

Early dismissal (districtwide)
Sixth grading period ends

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Strong family

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Art & music