The Abbett Patch Gardens

Living lab & outdoor classroom

Certified wildlife habitat & monarch waystation

Students and staff at Abbett Elementary are very fortunate to have their own gardens and outdoor classroom where they are free to wander, wonder, experiment, make observations, and create to their hearts desire. Whether it be science experiments, mathematical figuring and measuring, writing song lyrics or poetry, reading a good book, or creating a still life...there is no limit to the explorations that await!

abbett community garden with orange flowers in bloom and a scarecrow

In addition to self paced learning and teacher led instruction throughout the year following the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, students participate in special school wide planting days beginning with our Fall Festival in the Garden and the wildly popular Seuss and Seeds Day in the spring. During these days students learn about the natural cycles of our planet, habitat & natural resource preservation, as well as how they can sustain themselves with nutrient rich foods in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.

students release butterflies in the garden

Students learn to care for all living and non living things while developing an understanding of the interdependence of all things in an ecosystem. They, as well as their families, enjoy harvesting vegetables and herbs, observing migratory species such as butterflies and birds, identifying beneficial insects & delivering tiny pots of sunshine from the flower garden. The Abbett Patch is truly a magical place where all students, young and old, can collaborate in a beautiful, natural place.


Fall planting day

Fall planting day is rapidly approaching.  This year each grade level will have a day to plant seeds in their garden, teach lessons, and explore habitats.  Kinder, first grade, and second grade students will be planting October 13th- 15th.  Third, fourth, and fifth graders will plant October 18th- 20th. Students and community volunteers are welcome to visit the gardens after school hours and on the weekends to water the beds and pull weeds.  

students plant seeds in a garden bed