Vision statement

The Abbett Elementary Counseling department is dedicated to empowering students to achieve their full potential. We aim to equip them with the essential tools and skills needed to become confident learners, outstanding team members, and compassionate individuals.

Mission statement

The Abbett Elementary Counseling Department is a data driven, comprehensive program designed to assist all students with their academic and social/emotional development. Our mission is to help all students, regardless of background achieve academic and social emotional success by encouraging them to become confident learners, exceptional team mates, and kind humans. 

Abbett's counselor's corner

counselor posing on the beach

Hey there, Abbett All Stars! My name is Miss Ironbar and I am the new campus counselor! I graduated from the University of North Texas and was a teacher for five years. Then, I graduated with my Masters in Guidance and Counseling from Angelo State University in 2020! This will be my third year as a school counselor.

As a School Counselor, I promote the positive academic, career, and personal/social development of your children in the following areas:  

  • Individual counseling 
  • Small group counseling 
  • Classroom guidance (i.e. Large group counseling) 
  • Academic intervention meetings 
  • Student Observations 
  • Consult and collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators, psychologists, and students 
  • Respond to school crises or emergency situations 
  • Provide information and resources to parents on a variety of issues 

When I am not working, I love spending time with friends and family, going to church, traveling, watching movies, and playing pool! Fun Fact: I am a competitive pool player!

If your child is in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me through Class Dojo or email at I am so excited to be serving this community and cannot wait to meet each and every one of you!

Mental and emotional health can affect a child's daily life, ability to focus, school performance, friendships, and more.  If you feel like your child is struggling there are many resources to help you.  Start with just talking to your child and see if they can identify what they are feeling.  Sometimes they don't know and are struggling to understand their own emotions.  If you think your child needs support, reach out to your pediatrician or school counselor.  They are also able to provide you with resources and guidance to help your child.  You may also want to check out the SAMHSA website that provides information and resources to help parents and caregivers. 


No student should be subjected to bullying or harassment that interferes with their ability to learn or their safety.

Visit the Bullying Prevention and Investigation page on the district website for more information and resources.

Anonymous Alerts®

You can use the Anonymous Alerts® webform or mobile app to quickly, easily and anonymously report bullying, cyberbullying and other sensitive topics to school officials.

Anonymous Alerts® is monitored by GISD Security 24-hours daily and should only be used for serious and urgent matters. In the event of an emergency or life-threatening event, always call 911.

Submit an Anonymous Alert®

Download the app

To place a report from a mobile device, first download the free Anonymous Alerts® app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Then open the app and enter activation code garlandisd.

If you would like to report a bullying incident that is happening at Abbett, please fill out the Abbett Bullying Report Form.  All submissions will be investigated and information will be shared on the outcome of the investigation as warranted.  

Abbett Bullying Reporting Form

Now Presenting: The NED Show

During Red Ribbon Week, all students at Abbett attended an assembly called "The NED Show."  The NED Show is a school-wide character education program.  NED is a loveable cartoon character whose name is an acronym for Never give up, Encourage others, and Do your best.  NED captured the student's interest through story telling with props and yo-yo tricks.  After the show, students had the opportunity to purchase a yo-yo as part of a pay it forward program and to learn some of the NED show tricks.  The proceeds from the yo-yo sale allow for the NED show to perform at the next school.

We strive to continue practicing the NED show beliefs to promote a culture of kindness and excellence at Abbett. 

Performer in the Ned show teaching students about doing their best
Performer in the Ned show teaching students about doing their best








Find out more information on The NED Show.

Leadership BINGO

Leadership Bingo card that students use in class to focus on developing leadership skills

At Abbett we strive to help all students develop leadership skills and strategies necessary to become successful learners that make a positive contribution to our community.  This year we are focusing our Leadership BINGO on the following skills.

  • Be proactive

  • Put first things first

  • Think win-win

  • Synergize

  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood



Abbett is a Grief Sensitive School

a grief sensitive school badge

Tragedy and loss are a part of life.  This does not mean it is easy to lose a family member or loved one.  We are excited to let you know that Abbett's Counseling Department has joined forces with New York Life's Grief-Sensitive Schools.  This partnership will ensure our students and families who are impacted by grief will have the resources needed, available to them.  Please contact Mrs. Rincones when resources are needed or when your family has experienced a loss.  You can also go to  These resources are free and beneficial to the healing process!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

students holding basketballs in a gym
students sitting on a carpet holding ipads
3 students with musical instruments







A basketball player?    A computer programmer?     A musician?

We have all been asked this question multiple times. In reality it's not always an easy question to answer.

College awareness is an integral part of GISD culture. Providing students opportunities to explore career interests starts as early as elementary school.

More Information

Visit the district website for more information about the GISD Guidance & Counseling programs.