We are always excited to have our Aviator parents volunteer here at Armstrong.  This year parents will be able to sign up for Teacher's Tuesday Helpers starting in September.  On Tuesday's parents will have the opportunity to come up to the school and help teacher's with specific projects in Room 101. We have the Aviator Ace's volunteer program for father figures of students to come help out in the school starting in October.  Last, but never least, Field Trip volunteers!!  It's a great way to help out and spend some extra time with your little Aviator.   All you have to do is fill out the Volunteer Application below, and in 72 hours you will get your confirmation.   Volunteer once, sporadically, or on a regular basis, we're happy to have you. Contact our Campus Engagement Coordinator, Heather Malcolm, 972-414-7480, for more information.

How to volunteer


Anyone who would like to volunteer must:

  • provide a photo ID to the front office
  • complete an online application and upload a copy of your photo ID

The online application can be completed at home or the main office of any campus.

What happens next?

  • A background check will be performed using the Raptor Volunteer Management System.
  • You will receive an email to notify you when you may begin volunteering.


Contact the Campus Engagement Coordinator for more information and specific volunteer opportunities. 

District volunteer resources

Volunteer guidelines

Volunteer application process

How can I help?

Teacher's Tuesday Helper

Each Tuesday volunteers will be able to come to the school and help with projects in a designated area. Volunteers will help with teacher specific projects like cutting out laminate, putting together class folders for upcoming weeks work or preparing workbook sheets from the student school books. 

Aviator Ace Program

This special program is geared specifically toward encouraging male father figures to help out at school. Fathers, uncles, grandfathers, older brothers and the like are all welcome. Your visit might consist of helping out in your student's classroom, reading to the class, helping the teacher or an administrator with a specific task. To help with this program, contact our counselor, Mrs. Mellony Wheatley.

Field Trip Chaperone

There are a few day trips taken by each grade level throughout the school year. Many of these trips utilize parent chaperones. Each school year, those interested in going along on field trips must complete an online volunteer application, as well as have their ID verified in the school office and a campus photo taken before the semester deadlines in which the field trip will take place.

Field Day Helper

Our students eagerly look forward to Field Day each year. Our PE department plans a host of game stations that require a lot of assistants. There is also a need for adults to work water bottle stations when students need to re-hydrate. If this sounds like fun to you, you'll want to respond in late April/early May when the PE department sends home it's request for help form.