Policies & procedures

Dress code

Garland ISD has established a dress code for the district. We will be adhering to the same code. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.


Please contact Mrs. Ramirez to report your student absent. She can also be reached at the school number: 972-926-2620. Your timely efforts are appreciated.

Tardy and discipline policy

It is critical that all students are on time to class in order to receive the highest quality instruction and minimize interruptions. We have implemented a structure that includes increased adult presence in the hallways(during passing periods), classes are escorted to and from lunch by instructors, and the following tardy and discipline policies:

Tardy policy

  • 1st Tardy - warning to student
  • 2nd Tardy - warning to student/teacher contacts parents
  • 3rd Tardy - teacher detention with parent contact
  • 4th Tardy – teacher detention with parent contact
  • 5th and Subsequent Tardies – Office Referral, Parent notification and administrative assigned consequences 
  • Tardies will be re-set to zero before Spring semester

Discipline policy

  1. Warning from teacher
  2. Warning from teacher, phone call to parent
  3. Warning, phone call to parent, teacher detention (before or after school)
  4. Warning, phone call to parent, teacher detention (before or after school)
  5. Office Referral/parent notification and administrative assigned consequences
  6. All classroom incidents and discipline referrals are documented in Review 360

Electronic device policy

A more current policy description regarding the use and expectations of electronic devices at school has been issued. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the new procedures.

District policies

To support our mission of providing an exceptional education to all students, we have created policies designed to help your student have the best possible education experience.

Visit the Policies page on the district website for additional polices and related information.

Campus Improvement Plan

A Campus Improvement Plan serves as the blueprint for how a campus will address performance objectives and other campus needs that have been identified from a Campus Needs Assessment.

 Campus Improvement Plan

Title I

The Campus Parent Involvement Policy explains how our campus supports the important role of parents in the education of their children. We offer a Parent Compact to establish a partnership among parents, school staff, and students for improving student academic achievement.

Campus Parent Involvement Policy       

Parent Compact