Teacher: New teacher will begin in October.

AAE Art is GISD's art magnet school 

Austin artists are an innovative, smart, and talented group. We learn not only how to make art, but how to critically think and problem solve too.  We strive for originality in idea and execution.  AND it's working...Check out the below links to see some of our award-winning artists. 

Classes offered

  • Accelerated Honors Art, High School Credit (8th grade ONLY)
  • Enriched Honors Art, both 6th & 7th grade
  • Partner's Art: this class is more 'crafty' where students work on their own art while helping some of our special needs/ALE students create theirs too.  Interested in being a partner?  Email me and tell me why you would make a good partner, 
  • We also offer Zero Hour Art BEFORE school for those of you with too many talents and electives.

Come be part of our talented team!!!  

  • No experience required; we teach you that in class 😉
  • Seats are limited (we only have 1 art teacher) so EMAIL art to to guarantee your seat...if I know you are passionate about art you get in first!

NOTE: All courses have a $15 per semester district set fee, however the high school credit course (8th) is $20 per semester

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."     ~ Pablo Picasso

Student Art Work

Every year our AAE art students participate in numerous contests and receive high recognitions. Some of the contests our students have entered are PTA Reflections, Doodle for Google, GISD Art Show, and, just to name a few. Below you can view the yearly winners and their art work.