A Storied History of Performance and Competitive Excellence

The Theatre program is a multi-faceted, highly creative, immersive and award winning program that utilizes both classroom instruction and practical production experience to inspire, cultivate, and grow self-confidence and self-worth, while teaching the skills necessary to become a better performance artist.  The program involves approximately 140 students across all 3 grade levels.  There are 3 classes available:  Theatre 1, a 6th grade only introductory course, Theatre 2, a 7th and 8th grade regulars course for those interested in experiencing a theatre class for the first time and were unable to in 6th grade, and Theatre Workshop, an audition based, enriched honors course for 7th and 8th graders, which focuses primarily on rehearsing and preparing for regional and national speech, debate, and competitive theatre tournaments.  Theatre Workshop is unique to Garland ISD middle schools and can only be found at AAE. 

All Theatre Arts classes are active, instructional classes that attempt to meet the physical, mental, social, and emotional needs of students through participation in various creative activities. Because Theatre Arts promotes growth in the individual student, versatility and variety are key factors in the Theatre Arts curriculum. The classes will cover the fundamentals of Theatre including, but not limited to, different types of acting, the history of theatre, technical theatre (costuming, sound design, set design, lighting, makeup, prop creation), and the various forms of creative drama.

Beyond classroom participation, students have the opportunity to audition for fall and spring productions presented by the Theatre Department. Rehearsals, held after school, allow students to perform and/or serve on one of the many crews involved in producing a show. Throughout the rehearsal and performance process, students will have the opportunity to make new friends and grow on an individual level.  Participation in our productions is not limited to theatre students.  AAE is the only middle school in Garland ISD to cast and crew its productions from the entire campus.  Every student at Austin Academy has an opportunity to audition for a production or apply for a crew position.   AAE Theatre also consistently partners with local DFW professional theatre artists to assist in mounting its high quality productions, which provides the students with practical, real world experience not found anywhere else at the middle school level in GISD.    

Theater Program

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