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Find books, ebooks, and other resources by visiting your school's library catalog. If you need help with any of these resources, please contact your school librarian.

Online instructional resources

Online Instructional Resources are available to all students, teachers, parents, and administrators from any district or non-district computer.

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Library Staff

School Librarian 

Nancy Fuentes

Ms. Fuentes is the school librarian at Back Elementary. Before becoming a teacher librarian, she was a bilingual classroom teacher at Back Elementary. Ms. Fuentes has a passion for reading and learning and hopes to instill that same love for reading and learning in students. Ms. Fuentes obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology from Southern Methodist University and Master of Science degree in Library Science from the University of North Texas. Ms. Fuentes is certified as a School Librarian for K-12 and certified as a Bilingual Teacher for EC-6. In her free time, she enjoys listening to audiobooks, playing board games, reading with her son, going for walks, and gardening.

Library assistant

Nancy Ewald

Future ready students

A student, Riley visits the library with a drawing inspired by a readaloud by Ms. Fuentes.

The library mission statement is to promote literacy and inspire a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. At the library, we also support the district's mission statement: GISD exists as a diverse community with a shared vision that serves to provide an exceptional education to all its students. At Back Elementary your students will be taught 21st century skills that will prepare them to be future ready. The library is a place where your child will fall in love with learning and education as it is rapidly changing with today's times. As a student at Back Elementary your child will learn to collaborate, think critically, communicate, become adaptable, persevere, as well as acquire technology and literacy skills. We strive to create a safe place for students' curiosity and innovation to grow and bloom not only in the library but in each of our classrooms here at Back!

Library Resources

Mrs. Baker collaborates with the librarian on an animal research project.

Please contact your child's teacher or school librarian for the district username and password.

eBooks and Audiobooks

Did you know that your child has access to eBooks and Audiobooks 24/7? Students can read eBooks and Audiobooks online through MyON, MackinVia, and TumbleBooks. This is a great, fun way to encourage reading and build literacy. 

PebbleGo and Britannica School

PebbleGo and Britannica School are resources that can be accessed from school, home or on the go—anywhere where your student has an internet connection and access to ReadyHub. These online resources are specifically geared toward elementary learners. They help your student learn foundational research skills plus provide critical early-reader supports like audio voice overs and text highlighting. allows students to learn coding through interactive videos and games. With computers being a part of everyday life and everyday business, coding enhances student familiarity with terms and processes they will use in higher education and future careers. Students can access valuable coding education from the comfort of their own homes for free with!



Students may visit the library with their class and teacher. Students may also visit the library with a library pass to checkout or exchange books.

  • PreK - 1 book
  • Kindergarten - 1 book
  • First Grade - up to 2 books 
  • Second Grade - up to 3 books
  • Third Grade - up to 3 books
  • Fourth Grade - up to 3 books
  • Fifth Grade - up to 3 books


B - Be respectful.
A - Act responsibly.
R - Remember safety.
K - Kindness matters. 


We do not charge a fine for overdue books, however we expect students to bring their library books to either return or renew.

Lost or damaged books may be assessed a fine and a notice will be sent home with the student. Please help your child keep track of their books and keep them in a safe place. If a book is lost or damaged, you may pay the fine. We gladly accept cash and checks made payable to Back Elementary. We also accept payments in installments if you choose to do so. We are happy to work with you.

Box Tops for Education 

Support the library program and help us grow our library collection with Box Tops for Education