Clubs and organizations

Art club

Art Club is available for 4th and 5th grade students on Mondays during Specials Class. In Art Club, we try advanced-level projects and make displays for school events while having fun. Art Club is a great opportunity for students who are interested in art to make friends with students who share similar interests. For more information, contact Mrs. Pollay

Honor Choir club

Back Elementary is fortunate to have a Honor Choir full of hard working fourth and fifth grade students who enjoy singing. Honor Choir is open to fourth and fifth grade students who are responsible in the regular classroom and who have a love for music and desire to work to increase their musical talent. We accept anyone in choir who shows a desire to participate positively in music, who receives the support (signatures) of two teachers at our school, and who is responsible enough to turn in the forms by the deadline. For more information, contact Mrs. Nelson

P.E. Sports club 

The PE Sports Club at Back Elementary is an opportunity for students to participate in a broad variety of sports and recreational activities. The PE Sports club is based on student interest and designed to enhance the PE experience by creating an environment where students can work in teams and learn sportsmanship. The PE sports club meets every Monday during 4th and 5th grade Specials Times. The PE club will be taking a Field Trip to a High School Basketball game in December.  More info. will be provided at a later date. For more information, contact Coach Garza