Clubs and organizations

Art club

Mrs. Pollay, Art Teacher. Art Club is available for 5th graders who are interested in learning more about art and participating in advanced projects. Art Club students are able to express themselves creatively and work more independently. Projects have included paper-mache sculptures, sewing, glass fusing, and adding a painted fence post to the portrait fence displayed at the front of the school.

Honor choir

Back Elementary is fortunate to have a Honor Choir full of hard working fourth and fifth grade students who enjoy singing. Honor Choir is open to fourth and fifth grade students who are responsible in the regular classroom and who have a love for music and desire to work to increase their musical talent. We accept anyone in choir who shows a desire to participate positively in music, who receives the support (signatures) of two teachers at our school, and who is responsible enough to turn in the forms by the deadline. For more information about the Honor Choir, contact Mrs. Nelson, Music Teacher.

Media team

Each morning, a dedicated team of 4th and 5th grade students coordinate and produce the televised Morning Announcements at Back Elementary. Under the direction of Cilia Silva, CTA, they work the announcement software, adjust cameras, input information, direct and record with minimal help. Media Team members must display an understanding of the equipment and software, be able to problem-solve, and work as a team. Please contact Celia Silva for more information.

Office assistants

5th grade students have an opportunity to assist in the office learning team work, organization skills, independence, critical thinking, prioritizing, planning and efficiency. These students are selected by their teachers and must have a A/B grade, be current on classwork, homework and reading goals, and have excellent behavior. Please contact Mary Saathoff for more information.