2019-2020 Parent-School Learning Compact

 2019-2020 Parent-School Learning Compact, Grades Pre-K – 5th 

Back Elementary School, Garland Independent School District  
Diverse Community, Shared Vision, Exceptional Education 

Parent Responsibilities 

  • Know what my child should learn and know at grade level and how I, as a parent, can help my child learn. 
  • Stay informed about my child’s education and communicating with the teacher and school by promptly reading all notices from the teacher, the school, or the school district either received by my child or by mail and responding as appropriate. 
  • Make sure my child attends school every day on time and ready to learn. 
  • Balance my child’s TV and video game playing time with learning opportunities such as reading 20 to 30 minutes daily or going to the library. 
  • Inform teacher if my child is having difficulty with homework or is having difficulty in school. 
  • Attend parent conferences, PTA meetings, and parent education workshops. 
  • Provide necessary supplies to help my child be prepared for school and be able to complete assignments. 
  • Create a home environment that is safe for my child. 
  • Be an active parent/guardian and volunteer in my child’s class or at my child’s school. 
  • Know my child’s friends and parents. 

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Student Responsibilities 

  • Help create a safe environment by following school rules. 
  • Follow the dress code policy. 
  • Come to school prepared with supplies, books, and homework. 
  • Come to school on time and ready to learn every day. 
  • Attend before and after school tutoring if I have difficulty with assignments. 
  • Give my parents or guardian all notes and information given to me from my school every day. 
  • Read at least 20 minutes every day outside of school. 
  • Have and show respect for my principal, teachers, school staff members, and other students.

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School/Teacher Responsibilities 

  • Provide a high quality curriculum and research based instructional practice to equip students to be successful both academically and for life. 
  • Create a learning environment where students feel safe, respected, and nurtured in order for healthy student-to-student relationships and healthy teacher-to-student relationships exist. 
  • Provide two-way communication with parent/guardian and child concerning “what” student should learn and know at grade level and “how” to engage parent’s in child’s education. 
  • Communicate with parent/guardian regularly on ways to help their child learn. 
  • Expect and challenge all students to learn at rigorous, high level of thinking and make connections with learning to real world applications. 
  • Seek resources and assistance for a child who is struggling with learning or having difficulty in school. 

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