Physical education


Robert Garza, Coach 
Jose Gracia, Assistant Coach

Tennis shoes for safety

Please remember that tennis shoes are required for physical education. Students must wear tennis shoes on their P.E. Day, PLC/CLC and Flex days. There have been way too many students this school year wearing boots, dress shoes or sandals to gym. We have lessons for soccer, kickball, softball and more planned for the remainder of the school year. Students not wearing proper footwear will not be able to participate in those activities due to the fact that they could get injured.

For safety reasons, students must wear athletic shoes (tennis shoes) during P.E. Classes (no boots, Crocs, open toe shoes, dress shoes or sandals please). Students will not be permitted to participate in P.E. if they are not wearing athletic shoes during P.E. Class. This includes picture day and other theme days during the year.

Girls and boys participate together in physical education classes, therefore, we ask that girls wear shorts under their dresses and skirts for personal privacy purposes.

P.E. notes

During this school year, your child will be participating in Physical Education. The elementary Physical Education Program in the Garland Independent School District is an important part of the school curriculum and is instructional in nature. Physical Education Classes are critical to a complete education.

If your child cannot participate in P.E. then a note is required. If it is from a doctor, it should state when the child may resume activity. If it is from a parent, it is good for two days and needs to state why the child is physically unable to participate. We may only accept two parent notes per school year. Students not participating in P.E. will also sit out of recess.

If behavior problems arise they are treated as follows:

  1. If it is minor we simply encourage them to get back on track.

  2. Next, a time out from the activity may be in order (student/s would sit on the sideline watching the game).

  3. Still a problem - student would sit out the rest of the period.

  4. Daily/weekly problems – parent will be contacted by phone (conference may be requested).

  5. Extreme – school report filed and administration notified.