Art studio

Art teacher

Mrs. Pollay

Ashley Pollay

A letter from Mrs. Pollay 

The art program gives students an opportunity to experiment with new materials, use problem solving skills, and think creatively. Students also get many chances to display their work throughout the school year including the school hallways and art shows in the community. 

I'm looking forward to seeing all the artwork created this year by our young artists here at Back! -Mrs. Pollay.

What do we learn in art class? 

Students in art class

Art class teaches kids to:

  • Respect others
  • Experiment with new materials
  • Use observational skills
  • Self-evaluate their work
  • Make connections to the real world
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Clean up after themselves
  • Form an opinion
  • Envision solutions
  • See another point of view
  • Innovate
  • Think creatively