W.O.W. Time

Each month students visit the W.O.W. Room for thirty minutes of W.O.W. Time with our school counselor, Ms. Sinclair. W.O.W. stands for Working on Wellness. Students learn life-long skills to cultivate their emotional wellness and academic growth. Monthly topics include friendship-making skills, positive self-image, emotional regulation, calm-down strategies, study skills, and many more.

News team

Our 4th and 5th grade broadcast crew delivers the morning announcements from our own broadcast studio. Green screen technology allows us to embed photos and backgrounds. Prerecorded segments are interwoven with live segments to share birthdays, jokes, awards, as well as keep our students up to date on projects and field trips from classes around the campus.

Safety patrol

Each morning and afternoon when you bring your students to school, you will be greeted by our 4th and 5th grade Safety Patrol students in bright orange vests. Safety Patrol is designed to provide our students with a chance to serve in leadership positions. Members learn to treat each person with courtesy and respect. Safety Patrol's top priority is helping each student arrive and dismiss safely.

The students who participate arrive each morning at 7:25 ready to start the day. Besides the curb patrol position, students man inside stations at key locations. After school, Safety Patrol assists with afternoon dismissal for our bus riders and car riders until 3:45. 

Annual activities at Beaver

Porch party (August)

Meet your child’s new teacher, buy school supplies, take a tour of the building, and enjoy a hot dog meal.

July 27, 2021: Porch Party for Kinder, 2nd, 4th and ABC 

July 29, 2021: Porch Party for 1st, 3rd, and 5th

Book fair (Fall and Spring)

Purchase books from a wide selection of age-appropriate materials. Fiction and Non-fiction books are available. We also feature a selection of books in Spanish.

PTA Carnival (April)

Our Carnival is a time for families and former students to connect for an evening of fun. It features wholesome games and activities, bounce houses, dunk tank, a fabulous food center, and Silent and Live Auctions.

The Carnival and Auction is the largest fundraiser of the year. It typically earns $10,000+ annually. These proceeds have purchased a shade structure for the playground, necessary equipment for Beaver Tech, supplies for the Electives program, and support many programs and services for Beaver Tech.

College Day (September)

College day at Beaver is an opportunity for teachers throughout the building to focus student attention on the future. Students will have an opportunity discuss where they will attend school and where a family member has attended college.

Grandparents Day (September)

We love our grandparents! We have a special day where grandparents and grandchildren share lunch. See the slide show below for Grandparents Day 2018.

Supply Drive (February)

During Kindness Month (February), Beaver Stars participate in a toiletry and snack food drive for two local homeless shelters. Beaver Stars eagerly participate to support this cause and have collected thousands of items for their community.

Multicultural night (January)

Our annual Multicultural Night continues to be a popular event. Families share activities representing cultures from around the world. 

Spelling Bee (November)

Beaver students in 5th grade test their spelling knowledge in the Annual Spelling Bee. The top two spellers advance to the District Spelling Bee.

Choir Performances (December and May)

5th Grade Choir, Honor Choir, and iBand perform three times in December and May: for the PTA meeting; for the students and faculty; at a local mall (December); and for a retirement center (May).

STEM Challenge (January)

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and the Challenge has replaced our traditional science fair. The purpose of this change is to shift the focus back to the scientific process (hypothesize, test, evaluate data, and control variables, etc.) and to allow collaborative teams to apply the process as they plan, create, and build together.

UIL (February)

UIL provides extracurricular academic contests. Between the participating elementary schools,200+ students are typically involved. After the results are received, parents of participants are invited to an awards ceremony held in our cafeteria.

National African American History Month (February)

National African American History Month is an annual celebration that recognizes the achievements and role of African Americans in U.S. history.

Arts Showcase aka Talent Show (March)

We call it Arts Showcase because a typical Talent Show has judges and awards,which our show does not. This is a chance for students to perform in a friendly, supportive environment.

Jam the Gym (April)

This is an active evening for students and their parents. There are parent-child competitions and group activities both inside and outside the building.

Field Day (May)

Put on your sun screen, grab your water bottle, and head on out for a fabulous day of active games. Not to be missed.

Grandparents Day