PE Activities

Coach Perez and Coach Morejon

 Nancy Perez, PE Teacher and PE Assistant Deborah Morejon  

Physical education

Coach Perez  and Coach Morejon have a passion for helping students practice healthy lifestyles and having FUN in P.E. They love learning about their students and providing them with opportunities to explore a variety of physical activities and also to learn about health, anatomy, sportsmanship and teamwork.

P.E. overview 

graphic of children exercising

We enjoy a variety of activities that keep our students moving and having fun. Students have P.E. every other day for 55 minutes.

The goal at Beaver Technology Center is to teach students the value of leading a physically active lifestyle by allowing them to participate in a variety of activities that don't frighten or intimidate them. Students learn physical activities they can participate in over the course of their lifetime, and understand the cognitive benefits as well.

P.E. events

graphic of four kids playing

FitnessGram testing for 3rd-5th graders takes place in March. We work all year long on cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility. Parents will receive a report on their child’s fitness level at the end of the school year.

Field Day is our end of the year FUN day in May. Students get to enjoy over 20 stations with a buddy. We have the music cranking, and many water stations in which to cool off. The best part is to see the smiles and hear the laughter of all the participants!

Dress appropriately   

graphic of three athletic shoes of different colors

Please help your child be successful and safe in P.E. by ensuring that they are appropriately dressed. Your child will need to wear or bring tennis shoes on their P.E. days and wear comfortable, well-fitting clothing. Girls need to wear shorts under skirts or dresses.

What's on your plate?

plate showing healthy food portions

The Food Plate in IN! The federal government now uses the new food icon, MyPlate to help consumers chose healthier choices. MyPlate is intended to help all of us make better choices at meal time. For more information on how to eat healthier, visit Choose My Plate website. The fruit, vegetable, grains, protein and dairy food groups are emphasized. You can help your child make wise food choices. Visit the GISD Food Services website for school menus.