All students at Beaver participate in Art and Music classes at least once a week.

Top ten skills children learn from the Arts

Nonverbal Communication
Receiving Constructive Feedback

Source: “Top Ten Skills Children Learn from the Arts” by Valerie Strauss. 
The Washington Post, 1/22/03. Retrieved Aug. 5, 2015 from


Ms. Nambo

Students will experience working with a variety of materials and also learn specific techniques which will enhance their artistic skills. All grade levels will learn about the elements of art and principles of design and follow the GISD comprehensive curriculum which is aligned with the Fine Arts Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.


Mr. Robertson

In Music class students learn to sing, to read at sight both rhythms and intervals, to play instruments, and to listen deeply. Third through fifth graders study composers; fourth graders learn to play recorders; fifth graders learn to sing as a choir. Younger grades learn singing games, and older grades learn folk dancing.

We hope our students will take the skills they have learned in Art and Music, and choose to create beauty and harmony throughout their lives.

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