Music class teaches life skills

In Music class students also learn valuable life skills: 

  • Music is the vehicle through which they are encouraged to accomplish more than they thought possible of themselves through Practice, Perseverance and Performance.
  • Music is the vehicle through which they are encouraged to learn to work together in a group.
  • Music is the vehicle through which they learn to respect those around them.
  • Music is the vehicle to help students create beauty with the people around them. 

Choir program at Beaver

We have an active choir program here at Beaver Technology Center. There are two choirs available for student participation.

  • Honor Choir is an auditioned group of about forty 4th and 5th graders. Rehearsals are before school from 7:30 to 8:00 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
  • 5th Grade Choir includes all students in the 5th grade. During their music classes, the 5th graders learn choir music and choral techniques. The elements of the music curriculum are taught in a choral setting.

The students in both choirs sing quality choral literature, and learn to read from standard octavo scores. The choirs typically have two performance seasons, one in December and the other in May, which include off-campus concerts. 


Our first iBand was formed in the fall of 2011. The iBand members play virtual instruments on iPods and iPads. The students learn to play keyboard synth, guitar, xylophone, a wide variety of percussion instruments, as well as some specialty instruments developed for iPads. iBand practices before school from 7:30 to 8:00 Wednesday and Friday mornings.