Photo and graphic of Mr. Robertson, music teacher.

Mr. Robertson, Music Teacher

Mr. Robertson 

Mr. R leads students in musical  performance.

In Music class, Mr. Roberson delivers lessons in a fun, interactive, and creative way. He incorporates the learning of instruments, group singing and expressive movement  in his music classes.  He is also intent on creating a classroom culture that stresses respect, compassion, and kindness towards others. His hope is to instill a life long appreciation of music in his students.



Mr. Robertson poses as the Red Dot for our Beaver Dot Race.
Mr R , music teacher, in a chicken costume has he greets students in the hallway.

Mr. R is a native Texan and a very colorful character. He has been known to teach lessons and brighten the hallways in full costume and make-up as a chicken, a wrestling announcer, and the Grinch, just to name a few. He also represented the Red Dot in Beaver's very own, Dot Race, on International Dot Day.


Music class teaches life skills

In Music class, under the direction of Mr. Robertson,  students learn valuable life skills: 

  • Music is the vehicle through which they are encouraged to accomplish more than they thought possible of themselves through Practice, Perseverance and Performance.
  • Music is the vehicle through which they are encouraged to learn to work together in a group.
  • Music is the vehicle through which they learn to respect those around them.
  • Music is the vehicle to help students create beauty with the people around them. 

Choir program at Beaver

Mr. R leads Honor Choir students.

Beaver Tech Honor Choir is an auditioned group of fifty 4th and 5th graders. Students rehearse after school on selected days throughout the year. The Beaver Tech Choir showcases their talent at the annual Arts Night in April, featuring a choir performance along with the Student Art Show and they also perform at selected competitions and festivals.


Teacher helping student with instrument.

Mr. R helping student with instrument at rehearsal.

Graphic of music notes and clefs