Individual Counseling

Beaver MST students can make self-referrals for individual counseling using a paper referral system or by scanning a counseling QR code found in each hallway. Students are seen depending on the severity of need and the size of the problem. Student information is kept confidential, unless safety is a concern.

Parents may also make referrals for their student by emailing or calling Amy Sinclair, your School Counselor. Please email or call 972-494-8301. 

Small Group Counseling

Students having lunch with the school counselor

Two types of small group counseling are offered at Beaver: skill-based groups and friendship-making groups.

Skill-based groups meet weekly during i-Time to address specific student needs, such as emotional regulation, anxiety, family changes, study skills, or building self-esteem. Skill-based group meet 4-6 times and can have 2-8 students in each group.

Friendship-making groups meet weekly during lunch and is called Lunch Bunch. Lunch Bunch groups meet five times and is broken up by gender and grade level. Lunch Bunch focuses on making friends and learning pro-social skills such as listening, taking turns, showing empathy, and sharing feelings. 

With both groups, student information is kept confidential, unless safety is a concern. Permission letters will be sent home for parents before small group counseling begins.