WOW Time

Working on Wellness

Each month Beaver MST students visit the W.O.W. Room for thirty minutes of W.O.W. Time with our school counselor, Ms. Sinclair. W.O.W. stands for Working on Wellness. Students learn life-long skills to cultivate their emotional wellness and academic growth. Monthly topics include friendship-making skills, positive self-image, emotional regulation, calm-down strategies, study skills, and many more.


September - Meet Your Counselor

During the month of September, Beaver Stars will learn about the role of their School Counselor and what the counseling program offers. Students will learn how to request to see the School Counselor for individual needs and the types of small group counseling they can participate in. 3rd - 5th grade students will take a Needs Assessment to identify concerns and needs. Students will also learn how the School Counselor helps students solve problems, works with parents and teachers, and teaches classroom lessons. 

October - Healthy Living

During the month of October, Beaver Stars will learn about making healthy choices for themselves. Students learn about eating healthy food, getting enough rest, proper hygiene, and staying away from unhealthy choices. The upper grades are informed about drugs and alcohol and the importance of making healthy choices to reach our goals for the future!

November and December - Friendship & Conflict Resolution

During the months of November and December, Beaver Stars will learn about good friendship skills and how to resolve conflict. The younger grades learn about what makes a good friend and that conflict can occur in all relationships. They also learn the difference between tattling and reporting problems. The upper grades learn about being bystanders and upstanders, as well as the four types of conflict. Fourth and fifth graders learn the difference between disagreements, rude moments, mean moments, and bullying. Students learn about how to resolve conflict using the Kelso Choice Wheel.