School spirit & history

Portrait of William Bradfield

W. H. Bradfield Elementary school was named for a man whose family was instrumental in building both Dallas and Garland.

William Bradfield served as a school trustee from January 1932 to August 1941. He was also governor of the Rotary Club from 1943-44 and Mayor of Garland from 1956 to 1958. William was a newspaperman and he and his wife owned and operated the "Garland News"

Bradfield Elementary opened in 1966. Rufus P. Jones was the first principal of the school who served GISD many years. His wife was a teacher at Jackson Middle School.

In 1999 the school was renovated and expanded. Due to continued growth of community, further expansion and renovation occurred again in 2006.

School colors

Royal blue and yellow/gold

School mascot