Classical Center Magnet

For students with an interest in classical studies, Garland ISD offers Classical magnet programs at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

At the middle school level, in addition to the magnet classes offered at the elementary level, programming expands to include dance and gymnastics in the magnet curriculum. The Classical Center at Brandenburg Middle School offers the traditional and honors/Pre AP curriculum with an emphasis on Latin and literature. In addition to the piano, dance, and gymnastics courses, the school offers a full range of fine arts courses including band, choir, art, and theatre arts.


  • 50th percentile on reading and math achievement tests
  • Pass STAAR
  • Pass all subjects on report card
  • No serious discipline issues

Qualifying students are entered into a lottery, and openings are filled in the order in which they are drawn. Qualifying incoming sixth grade students from the Classical Center at Vial are automatically accepted. 


The Brandenburg band program provides a comprehensive musical experience for its students with a special emphasis placed on providing a positive learning environment where students can fully develop their talents. The band program offers a variety of opportunities to develop the musical interests and aptitudes of each child, especially in the areas of concert and solo and ensemble performance.


The Brandenburg Choral Program offers students the opportunities to deepen their musical appreciation through the study of music reading, music theory, music history and participation in a variety of performances. The goal of the program is to provide quality vocal experiences that are aesthetically pleasing and a positive means of self-expression while developing a lifelong love of singing, music and the fine arts.

Classical Art

The Classical Center will offer an enriched art curriculum. Students will focus on the classical components of the art world and investigate the limitless opportunities for creativity that art presents through the study of art history, art production, art criticism and aesthetics.

Classical English

In addition to the regular English curriculum, students at the Classical Center will investigate the foundations of language through the study of Latin, with an emphasis on etymology (learning the meaning of words by studying its root in language), mythology and Aristotle’s Art of Rhetoric.

Classical Theater Arts

This course allow Classical Center students to discover the world of theater from acting to design, from Shakespeare to television and video.


Dance students will acquire vocabulary and skills in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip hop, lyrical and other dance genres. Dance history, choreography and performance skills will be introduced. Students will develop confidence through the use of the body as an expressive instrument and will develop an appreciation of dance as an art form.


Gymnastics instruction will provide a variety of physical challenges to fully develop agility, balance and coordination. The curriculum includes vaulting, tumbling, balance beam, uneven bars, pommel horse, rings and parallel/horizontal bars.


Formal Latin l study may begin in seventh grade. This secondary course addresses comprehension of the Latin language through reading. Students develop an understanding of the social and political history as they follow the story of the first century A.D. Students are also presented with more sophisticated grammatical points and sentence patterns in Latin.


Classical Center students have the opportunity to learn the art of playing piano. The course is designed for both beginners and advanced players. Students will participate in recitals and festivals.


Formal Spanish l study may begin in seventh grade. This secondary course emphasizes communication, especially listening and speaking skills, in relevant contexts. The course uses the functional approach that relates each grammar point to its function or role in communication. Students are presented with opportunities to learn Hispanic cultural customs and practices from the context of the activities.