Book fairs

Bullock holds three Scholastic Book Fairs a year. One in the Fall, and two in the Spring. Book Fairs usually coincide with parent-teacher conferences or other school events.  They are a great way to grow your child's personal library at home.


Students involved in extra-curricular activities are more likely to graduate high school and pursue their goals and dreams. At Bullock Leadership School, we believe in providing opportunities for students to participate in activities outside of the classroom. We have many outstanding clubs and opportunities for students to be involved. We are continuously looking for new clubs to start to support student interests.

Student Council

Our Student Council is active. They provide student leadership to our campus by promoting school spirit and by serving the community in such projects as the March of Dimes and collecting box tops to raise money for the school. The members of the Student Council also head up our campus recycling program.

Bullock Honor Choir

The Bullock Choir is made of 4th and 5th grade students that meet every Thursday afternoon to practice. They perform concerts for the student body, the PTA, and the patients at Baylor Hospital.

Flag Patrol

Students are responsible for many activities at Bullock Leadership School. One opportunity for students to have a leadership role is on the Flag Patrol. Students on the Flag Patrol are responsible for raising and lowering the United States and Texas flags daily, as well as folding and taking care of the flags properly.

Career Day

Every year we have speakers come in to talk with our students about their career and what it took to get there. The students love career day.