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Dress code

Bussey Middle School Dress Code 2021-2022

Standardized dress is made up of clothing that meets a particular description but is not a specific brand of clothing. Any brand is acceptable as long as no logos or brand names are visible.  School issued ID badges must be visible at all times.


  • SHIRTS–red, white, or navy polo-style knit shirts with collars and buttons (three or less). Shirts may be long or short sleeves. All shirts must be of appropriate size and fit. Additionally the following colors have been added for each grade level. 

2021-2022 SHIRTS–6th grade gold, 7th grade gray, 8th grade black

  • PANTS/SLACKS/TROUSERS – navy, or khaki traditional style (no cargo pants or black bottoms), Pants must be worn at the waist level at all times (no sagging). All pants, slacks and trousers must be of appropriate size and fit. 

  • SKIRTS/SHORTS/CAPRI PANTS – navy, or khaki, knee-length or longer, finished hemline, same style as pants.  

  • SWEATSHIRTS OR SWEATERS – These may be worn as a uniform with the same color scheme as the shirt.  No pouch or hoods may be worn on sweatshirts.

  • NO TORN CLOTHING ALLOWED.  This includes jeans worn on spirit dress days or modified dress days.

  • COATS and JACKETS- These may be worn to school but must be unzipped or unbutton showing uniform shirt and ID badge.

  • SHOES AND SOCKS – Footwear includes socks with tennis shoes, loafers, dress shoes or other closed toe and heel shoes, shoes must enclose the entire foot; tennis shoes will be necessary for PE class. No sandals, house shoes/slippers, flip-flops or boots of any kind will be worn at school.

  • BELTS - Belts are required for pants, shorts, or skirts that have belt loops.  Belts must be worn around their waist at all times.  No large belt buckles will be allowed. No writing on the belt.


  • Excessively spiked hair, hair with extreme differences in length, and Mohawks are not permissible.

  • Multi and radically colored hair will not be permitted. Hair color must be natural. (no green hair)

  • Haircuts must be symmetrical with no extreme variations in length. A single straight edge part is allowable on one side of the head only.

  • Students will not have facial hair or sideburns.

  • Symbols, numbers, letters and designs may not be shaved into the hair.

  • No face or body stickers or face or hair glitter or writing/designs on the body.

  • Sunglasses, gloves, or hand coverings, bandanas, or sweat bands

  • Earrings on boys (including temporary posts), No body piercing except for girls’ ears

  • Large earrings or hoops with objects attached to the ear.

  • Gold or silver grill on teeth.

  • The district is not liable for lost or stolen electronic devices.

  • Studded/spiked bracelets/belts/chains as belts or wallet chains or chains intended for dog collars or large necklace or objects hanging around the neck

  • Permanent markers of any kind

  • More than 2 bracelets/bands on a person (must be appropriate and not cause a distraction).

The dress and grooming codes outlined above are not optional. Any item that has no relevance to instruction or the curriculum or any clothing /hairstyle that detracts from the learning environment will not be allowed. Students will be given disciplinary consequences if they do not follow the dress and grooming codes. Final decision will be determined by the principal or his/her designee.


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