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The PSBM Program is a multi-part series of interactive lectures used to build capacity, effectively engage family and community, and achieve positive outcomes.


Cheerleaders promote school spirit and overall morale at Bussey Nation. They are an athletic group of girls that stunt, cheer, and are even ambassadors, at times, for the school.

This year the Owlet Cheerleading Squad is being sponsored by Ivy McGraw . The Owlet Cheerleaders recently attended camp, where they were awarded the S.T.U.N.T. Award for safety in stunting, a Spirit Stick each day they were there, and the most exciting - one of our own Owlets was awarded the most prestigious individual awards possible - a membership to the National Cheerleading Associations All-American squad! Congrats, girls! 


During football and basketball season all cheerleaders will be required to practice. Please check the cheerleading google classroom for more specific scheduling information. 

During football season the practice uniforms are as follows: 

White shirt or Bussey Cheer shirt, Black shorts, white ankle socks, cheer shoes, and have their hair up. No jewelry is allowed to be worn during cheer practice for any reason. 

Game day schedule uniforms are as follows: 

Bussey cheer uniform, bloomers, white ankle socks, cheer shoes, hair in a pony tail with black bow. Girls should also bring their cheer backpacks, poms, and water bottles. No jewelry should be worn during games for any reason.

Follow us on Twitter: @BusseyCheer 

Sponsor: Ivy McGraw

Girls with Goals

Girls with Goals is an organization supporting girls with aspirations to become productive members in their community. The girls take field trips to look at colleges and discuss potential careers with professionals. Guest speakers often make time to discuss the issues concerning girls growing up in our world and how to positively handle these.