Theater Director: Heather Myrick


Theatre is alive and thriving here at Bussey Middle School! Theatre 1 is the intro class that all first year students are required to take, but after a successful year there students are able to audition and interview for Technical Theatre and Production. 

Technical Theatre 

What students learn: 

  • Set design and construction
  • Costume design and construction
  • Lighting 
  • Sound
  • Stage Management
  • Real world life skills 


The lighting design created by a Bussey Theatre student for The Wizard of Oz.



Lighting Design for The Wizard of Oz






A Bussey theatre student paints the final touches on their set for Alice in Wonderland.


Theatre students sew a skirt for their upcoming production.
Theatre Students final product for their costume design for Professor Oz in The Wizard of OZ.

Pictured above:

Left - The final product after Bussey Theatre students designed the Professors "steampunk" inspired costume for The Wizard of OZ. 

Right - Technical Theatre students constructing a skirt for The Wizard of Oz,


Students who are selected for production are in charge of acting in and producing all of the main stage shows at Bussey Middle School. We have our One Act Festival in the fall, and a children's show in the spring that production students will produce and act in. 

What students learn: 

  • Line memorization skills 
  • Improvisation 
  • Ensemble building
  • Characterization
  • Voice and Diction
  • Projection
  • Teamwork and responsibility 

           May 2018                                                                         May 2019

Bussey Owlet Theatre Presents:                             Bussey Owlet Theatre Presents:  

    Alice in Wonderland                                                        The Wizard of Oz












Bussey Owlet Theatre 2021-2022 Season: 

Fall Festival One Act Play: Alicia by Elaine Romero

Spring Children's show: TBA

Performance times and dates are TBD.

Other activities that theatre students can be involved in besides the main stage productions are: 

  • U.I.L. Oral Reading 
  • Mayfest Staff
  • Steamposium - for costume design


Teachers: Wade Colwill, Amanda Jennings

Art class is a place where students can express themselves visually and experiment with a variety of materials. 

Bussey offers the following classes:

  • Art 1 - Beginner 
  • Art 2 - Intermediate
  • HS Art 1 - High school credit - 8th grade only 

Amanda Jennings graduated from the University of Texas - Dallas in 2008. She was previously a resource math teacher at Bussey, and has been part of the staff since 2012. 

Close up of the hallway mural created by Bussey Art Teacher Ms. Winnusbt and her talented students.
Art work of MLK created out of pasted together pennies and pencils.
Self-portrait of a Bussey Art Student in neon paint.
Black and red pottery created by a Bussey Art Student.



Director: Karen Hancock

Garland ISD U.I.L. Sweepstakes winner 2018-2019

Reasons to Join Choir:

  • You love to sing
  • To learn how to sing
  • To improve your singing voice
  • Choir parties
  • Learn how to read music
  • To make new friends
  • You get to sing every day!
  • It is fun to sing
  • Girls love guys who can sing
  • Learn to sing on pitch (in tune)-->no more weird looks from family members

No prior experience needed! 

Frequently asked questions:

  • Do I have to know how to sing or read music?
    • Not at all! The purpose of choir is to help you LEARN how to sing and how to read music. These are things we practice and work on every day.
  • Does it cost money to be in choir?
    • There are some costs, but they are very small and we do fund-raising to pay for most of our activities.
  • Are there performances outside of school?
    • We have many performances outside of school. We also travel outside of the district (on buses) to festivals and competitions.
  • I already sing in the shower, why should I join choir?
    • Singing in choir can give you benefits that solo "shower" singing cannot. In choir you will learn how to sing with a healthy tone and learn how to sing in harmony with other voices.
  • How do I sign up?
    • Mark your choice sheet when you register for classes. We will take it from there! Sign up with a friend and have twice as much fun!
  • How often will I go to my elective course?
    • Choir will meet everyday, during the day, just like math, science, and history….
  • Can I be in choir and sports?
    • YES! Choir is a class, and so is athletics. For both classes, passing your core subjects is still required.


Director: Miguel Morales

 Asst. DirectorCaleb Cates

Band students holding award

Students in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades learn to play an instrument in Beginning Band classes separated by instruments (i.e., trumpet class, percussion class, etc.). No prior musical knowledge is necessary (you are taught that in Beginning Band). After one full year of instruction, students audition to be placed in either the Symphonic or Honors Bands which meet with all of the instruments combined each day. The bands perform at pep rallies, football games, formal and informal concerts, and contests.

Band students playing instruments

Mr. Morales graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelors in Music Education in 2016. 

Music poster

To sign up for an instrument fitting for a new Bussey student, Please click here.

Arts, A/V Technology, Yearbook, Robotics and Communication

The goal of this course is to create a culture of high expectation and continuous improvement that provides middle school students with a foundation for success in high school, future studies, and careers. This course provides an overview to the various fields of creative and computer technology applications. Students will explore college and career planning within the Arts, A/V Technology & Communications cluster. The students research labor market information, learn job-seeking skills, and create documents required for employment. Students use self-knowledge to explore and set realistic goals. Career exploration knowledge and skills will be offered in a variety of instructional arrangements.

Be a Garland ISD VIP 

With a special VIP pass, community members can get free general admission to many athletic and Fine Arts events at district facilities.

Visit the Garland ISD VIP pass page for more details.

Clear Bag Policy

To help ensure a safe and respectful environment for guests, Garland ISD has put into effect a Clear Bag Policy for all GISD middle and high school athletic events and fine arts performances.  

Learn more on our Clear Bag Policy page.