Policies & procedures

Three rules sum it all up


Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe.

If you follow these three simple rules, you will be successful at Caldwell Elementary.

Dress code

Caldwell’s dress code will be enforced from the first day of school.

Please use the following guidelines while shopping for clothes and getting haircuts.

Dress Code:  

  • Red, navy, or white polo-style shirts (long or short sleeve, no logos)
  • Red, navy, or white solid sweaters or sweatshirts (no words, logos, or pictures)
  • Navy or khaki slacks or shorts of a modest length (approximately 2 inches above the knee or longer)
  • Girls may also choose navy or khaki skirts, skorts, capris or jumpers of a modest length (approximately 2 inches above the knee or longer.  Shorts must be worn under skirts and jumpers
  • Athletic type shoes must be worn at all times for recess and PE safety

Arrival and dismissal policies

School will begin at 8:10 a.m. and will dismiss at 3:30 p.m. Please make sure your child's teacher knows how your child will get home i.e. daycare, walkers, pickup. Please notify your child's teacher of any change.

You must have your car tag in order to pick up your child. If a child needs to be picked up early from school or you do not have a car tag, you must have their student ID number and a driver's license or photo ID for the office personnel. No student will be dismissed without these items.

Absence policy

If at all possible, let the teacher know your child will be absent. If your child is absent, please provide a note or physician's notice excusing the absence for attendance records. If your student was sent home from the clinic and was told not to return the following day, it is your responsibility to provide a note to excuse your child's absence. If you have any questions, please contact our Data Clerk, Laisa Balderas.


Students are expected to be great citizens here at Caldwell Elementary. They are expected to show up each day ready to learn. All students are expected  to be polite and respectful of others.

Bad weather dismissal

For the safety and well being of our students, our dismissal procedures change during bad weather.  Your child will remain in the building until their name is called by a staff member. If you walk to pick your child up, please line up on the side of the building. If you are not in line, your child's name will not be called. Please understand this policy is implemented during rainy or otherwise "bad" weather for the safety of our children.

Online Student Service requests

Do you need to enroll your child, request a transfer, withdraw or request a transcript? It's easy to start common processes at home. Visit the Online Student Services page to get started. 

 If you have additional questions, please contact the campus data clerk:

Laisa Balderas

972-926-2500 ext 40253

Nurse's corner

No shots, no school, no exceptions. If your student is in need of immunizations, they must be completed before the first day of school or the student will not be allowed to attend and the absence will not be excused. No exceptions.

  • If your child has a medical condition the nurse needs to know about or medications that need to be given during the school day, please call or come in to the clinic to see the nurse before the first day of school. Because the first day of class is very hectic, this will save you a great deal of time.;
  • If your child has a food allergy. Please provide the school with a note from the doctor.  This alerts the cafeteria staff  to check the student's tray for foods which may cause an allergic reaction. Your child's welfare is our greatest concern!
  • School year routines such as getting ready for bed on time and getting up/ ready on time take a while to establish. Starting a back to school routine a couple of weeks before school starts will help ensure a lower stress level for both you and your student.
  • Please review the breakfast and lunch menus for the school. This allows you to plan alternative meals if your child does not like what is served in the cafeteria.
  • Please send a back up set of clothing in the backpack for KN at least for the first month. Many times children who are potty trained will have accidents while learning to adjust to the school routine.
  • Please feel free to come in or call the clinic with any information or concerns.

School safety

School safety is very important to us. If you notice any unsafe practices please let us know immediately. Regular drills for fire, tornado, and lockdown  are practiced as required by the district.

Campus Improvement Plan

A Campus Improvement Plan (English/ Spanish) serves as the blueprint for how a campus will address performance objectives and other campus needs that have been identified from a Campus Needs Assessment.

Title I Documentation

The Campus Parent Involvement Policy explains how our campus supports the important role of parents in the education of their children. We offer a Parent Compact to establish a partnership among parents, school staff, and students for improving student academic achievement.


District policies

To support our mission of providing an exceptional education to all students, we have created policies designed to help your student have the best possible education experience.

Visit the Policies page on the district website for additional polices and related information.