School spirit & history

Caldwell Staff Photo

Caldwell school song

Caldwell Cardinals stand in pride
Singing proudly side by side
To ourselves we will be true
Caldwell you will see us through
We'll succeed in school and life because of you.


School history

Cheerleader uniform

Caldwell Elementary school opened in 1955. The school is a "neighborhood school" with our students coming primarily from surrounding neighborhoods. Our students walk or ride their bikes to and from school just as they did when the school first opened.


The founder of our school, Randolph Caldwell was a local real estate entrepreneur who donated the land for Caldwell Elementary.

Alfred Brank, who became Caldwell's first principal in 1955, was a World War II veteran of Iwo Jima.



School mascot


Image of a cardinal with banner saying %22Pride in Excellence%22

School colors

Red and White

School murals

Cafeteria Mural

At Caldwell, we are building lifelong learners. No matter where our students come from or what their background is, our teachers are committed to giving them the best instruction possible.

Ms. Mitchell

Ms. Mitchell, Caldwell art teacher, was inspired to create this mural with bright and vibrant colors to promote a bright and vibrant future. It is her hope that our students feel proud of being a Caldwell cardinal. Ms. Mitchell believes that what they learn here will set them up for success and enable them to reach their goals. 

Cafeteria Mural

This mural was created by Ms. Jennifer Garver. This mural is outside of our cafeteria. We hope that these words remind our students to have a kind heart when in the cafeteria as well as in life. In this life, a kind word is always welcomed. We want our students to remember that a Caldwell Cardinal is always kind.