Carver Houses

The Carver House System was established during the 2015-2016 school year. Each school year, new students and staff members will be divided into one of our five houses.

Name Color Meaning Language  
Armastus      red love Estonian
Mendi black bravery Zulu
Statera green balance Latin
Ubunifu      purple    creativity     Swahili
Viisaus blue wisdom Finnish

What is the purpose of the Carver House system?

The purpose of each house is to support one another academically and socially, forming a united school-wide community. The goal of each house is to:

  • increase student achievement
  • motivation
  • behavior
  • atmosphere
  • rewards
  • friendship

How do I earn points?

You can earn points for your house by:

  • showing good effort
  • being a good friend
  • coming to school prepared
  • demonstrating respectful behavior
  • displaying awesome manners
  • participating in school-wide events

Who is in the lead?

House points are recorded using Class Dojo. The scoreboard is displayed on the TV monitor by the front office. Teachers can also track scores using classroom computers and iPads.

Whose house rocks?

At the end of each grading cycle, the house with the most points is recognized at the awards assembly and each winning house member earns a special treat. At the end of the school year, a party is thrown in honor of the house with the most points and is decorated in the winning houses colors. 

Armastus house shield


Mendi house shield


Statera house shield


Ubunifu house shield


Viisaus house shield