Hazel Health

Garland ISD students have access to on-demand doctor visits from the school nurse office or from home – through our partner Hazel Health.

Parents at all schools can sign the permission form for expanded student health services with Hazel Health at my.hazel.co/garland

How does this service work?

At School

Students have access to virtual doctor visits right in the school nurse's office. Hazel Health doctors can evaluate your child’s symptoms and provide the appropriate type of treatment and advice for at-home care. One example of how this service expands our school health office services: Parents may choose to provide permission for students to receive over-the-counter medications (like Tylenol) if they aren’t feeling well at school. For your student to have access to this service when needed, visit my.hazel.co/garland and click Sign Up Here under “At School” service.

At Home

Available for all GISD students. For those days when the school nurse office isn’t down the hall, parents can contact Hazel doctors from home. If your child isn’t feeling well or has a bump or scratch, or may need a prescription medication, simply sign up in minutes at my.hazel.co/garland and share your child’s health concerns. Hazel doctors can help provide next steps if your child comes down with cold or flu symptoms.