If you need to register your child for the 2019-20 school year, please visit the Enrollment Center at 720 Stadium Dr., Garland, TX 75040.

2019-2020 school schedule

Teacher planning/conference

Grade Level Time
Kindergarten 12:10-1:00
First Grade 1:00-1:50
Second Grade 1:50-2:40
Third Grade 9:05-9:55
Fourth Grade 10:00-10:50
Fifth Grade 8:10-9:05

Library day

Teacher Library Day
Quiros Monday
Olayo Tuesday
Otero Wednesday
Lopez Wednesday
Pernetz Wednesday
Shiels Monday
Banda Wednesday
Schweder Tuesday
Fahrnow Thursday
Strambler Tuesday
Angel Friday
Kiser Monday
PPCD Friday
ALE Friday
Elliott Friday



Teacher Time
PPCD 10:40-11:10


Teacher Time
Quiros 10:45-11:15
Olayo 10:40-11:10

First Grade

Teacher Time
Otero 10:50-11:20
Lopez 10:55-11:25

Second Grade

Teacher Time
Pernetz 11:05-11:35
Shiels 11:10-11:40

Third Grade

Teacher Time
Banda 11:15-11:45
Schweder 11:20-11:50

Fourth Grade

Teacher Time
Fahrnow 11:30-12:00
Strambler 11:35-12:05

Fifth Grade

Teacher Time
Angel 11:50-12:20
Kiser 11:50-12:20


Teacher Time
ALE 11:30-12:00
Elliott 11:30-12:00

For all other teacher conference times please reference our staff page.