Physical Education

P.E. Notes for Exemption

During the school year, your child will be participating in Physical Education (P.E.). The Garland Independent School District's Elementary P.E. program is an important part of the school curriculum and is instructional in nature. Physical Education Classes are mandatory for a well-rounded educational experience.

If your child cannot participate in P.E. then a note is required to be sent before the child can be exempt from participation. If it is either a doctor's note or a parent's note, it should have the child's full name, the date(s) of the exemption, the date that they can resume P.E., and the reason for the exemption. 

Tennis shoes for safety

Please remember that tennis shoes are required to be worn for the students' safety. It is also a requirement for physical education. Students have specific days that they attend P.E. and must wear tennis shoes. Students not wearing proper footwear will not be able to participate due to the fact that they could get injured.

Girls and boys participate together in physical education classes; therefore, we ask that girls wear shorts under their dresses and skirts for personal privacy purposes.