School supplies

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                    Cisneros  Pre -K

          School Supply List  2022-2023


Garland Independent School District

The following supplies are to be furnished by the students.

Additional supplies may be requested by the teacher during the year for special projects.


QTY Description
1     package 24 count # 2 Pencils


2   Packs Washable Markers - 8 count each
1    package Black Expo dry erase markers with eraser
6 glue sticks
1    blunt tip scissors
4 Folders with pockets & brads
2 Grades Pk-1 Mead Primary Journal K-2
1    package white or manila construction paper
1     package  colored construction paper
2 large box of facial tissue
1     set Headphones/earbuds in a baggie labeled with student name
2    12 oz. bottles of hand sanitizer
Clorox wipes or sanitizing wipes
1    box Ziploc sandwich baggies - GIRLS ONLY 
1   box Ziploc gallon size baggies - BOYS ONLY
1 Personal Water bottle with name on it

Backpack to hold AVID binder (no rolling or small ones)

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