Collegiate Prep School

Our school is in the process of transitioning to a new school model, where we are changing from Couch Elementary to Couch Collegiate Prep, one of GISD’s Innovative Schools of Choice

For the 2022-23 school year, all incoming Pre-K, kindergarten and first grade students are automatically part of our new collegiate prep school model. This transition is a phased-in process that adds a new grade level each year.  For example, in 2023-24 students in PK-2nd will be part of the prep school.

Through innovative, hands-on learning experiences, Couch Collegiate Prep prepares diverse learners to become collaborative, critical thinkers with strong communication skills who are able to persevere, contribute and lead meaningful and positive change in their community.

Our Mission

We commit to creating opportunities that are meaningful, motivating, and intentional to transform future leaders' academic and social outcomes. We provide an equitable, safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment that promotes college and career readiness through academic excellence and positive interpersonal relationships.

Graduate Outcomes


Critical Thinking