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Coyle Technology Center for Math & Science

Coyle Technology Center for Math & Science School is a GISD Innovative School of Choice with a focus on math, science, engineering, and technology. Students have expanded opportunities to develop teamwork, perseverance, leadership, and strong communication skills.

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Mission and Vision

At Coyle Technology Center for Math and Science, our mission is to empower our diverse student population to have a voice in what and how they learn through authentic and interdisciplinary learning
experiences within a team. By engaging students in an inquiry-based approach to STEM that is relevant and reflective of the needs of their community and global society, our students become innovative thinkers, solvers of complex problems, teamers, and self-advocates. Approach The opportunities for success in college and life for Coyle Tech students significantly increases with the implementation of an inquiry-based approach to STEM programming within our coursework.

According to the International Society of Technology Education (2014), “In a world with greater population, global interconnection, technological advancement, and large-scale problems than ever
before in human history, complex problems require sophisticated problem-solving skills and innovative, complicated solutions. We need to give students new, more relevant, engaging and exciting experiences that map to the real world of science, technology and math”.

Coyle Tech has four pathways to help students get ahead as they prepare for high school and beyond: Computer Science, Leadership, Advanced Academics, and MST.