School supplies

School supplies list 2023-2024

Quantity Description
1 Clear or mesh backpack
1 Lanyard (neck, not wrist) - for IDs and PAW cards
1 2-inch or 3-inch binder
1 8-pack set of dividers
1 Ream of notebook paper (college-ruled or wide-rule)
1 Pencil bag or pouch
36 No. 2 pre-sharpened pencils
1 Pack of erasers
8 Pens (2 of the colors black, red, blue, green)
1 Assorted highlighters-4 pack
1 Agenda book or planner
1 Kleenex 120 ct.
1 Bottle of hand sanitizer
1 Wired earbuds or headphones (no Bluetooth)
6 Composition book (wide-ruled or college-rule)
4 Glue sticks
1 7" pre-sharpened color pencils 12 ct.
1 7" student scissors
1 Reusable water bottle (hard plastic or metal with screw on/off tops
1 Small makeup pouch for personal items
  Beginning band supply list by instrument
1 Mixed-Media Pad, 9" x 12" or smaller, at least 40-60 sheets (art only)
  Chromebook and charger - provided by campus

Other supplies


Only mesh or clear backpacks are allowed on campus. This includes purses. Sanitary products may be kept in 1 non-clear/mesh 5"x5" bag.

Binders or notebooks

Binders that zip or are generic may be used in addition to a clear/mesh backpack. All binders and backpacks are always subject for random searches.

Water bottles

Only clear water may be used in water bottles. Other liquids will be confiscated and disposed of without reimbursement.