Coyle MS Choice of Subject 2021-2022


Hi parents and students! We are entering the season of choosing courses for next year's 7th and 8th Graders. Due to some of our students being a remote, this will be a multiple step process. 

Starting February 15th-19th, we will be going into the History classrooms of 6th and 7th graders to talk about course selections for next year where the students will be officially selecting electives in Skyward.  Certain courses will be automatically rolled from this year to next year. That includes core classes, PE, Band, Choir,  Spanish I, AVID and Athletics. Skyward will be rolling Band and Choir students over to next year's schedule, but there will be an opportunity to communicate with the Counselors if your student does not want to take that class again next year. Current 6th Graders will be scheduled into PE. There will be Athletics tryouts soon and those students will be moved from PE and into Athletics.


Selecting Electives will be a 2 step process. 

Step 1- A document will be available to learn about their options and save their choices in a Google Form. 

Step 2- The counselors will meet with all 6th and 7th Grade students in their history class on Feb 15-19 to officially select the courses they want in Skyward. 


**Please make sure your student knows what Electives they want to take before we meet with them in their classroom, Feb. 15th. 

6th Graders in Honors Reading who have been successful this year, will not be required to take Reading next year and will get an additional elective next year.

Later this spring, teachers will be recommending some students to either be moved to Honors or out of Honors, depending on data (Grades, MAP scores, STAAR scores, Attendance) from this school year.


1. Review the Course Elective options. 

  • Once you click the link below, Change the title to your Last Name 1 (ex. Mark 1) and then complete the form and check the boxes on the form. You may read the descriptions of the Electives by clicking on the name of the course. 

6th Grader going to 7th Grade.

7th Grader going to 8th Grade.

2. Once you and your student have selected the Electives for next year:

  •  At the bottom right of the form, click the link to open the Google Form and submit copy of the form from ‘My Drive’.


**If you have any questions about this process, fill out this Google Form. We will be communicating with you through email.

Thank you for your participation.


The Coyle MS Counseling Department