What is a Title 1 School?

This is a designation based on the number of low-income students who are considered at-risk for school achievement. To be considered a Title 1 school, a minimum of 40% of the students must qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Being a Title 1 school, we are eligible to receive supplemental funding to ensure “That all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high quality education and reach, at minimum, proficiency on challenging state academic achievement standards and state academic assessment.”

The funding we receive is used to provide intervention for any of our students who are having difficulty meeting academic expectations. Among the groups of students who are served are migrant students, limited English proficient students, homeless students, students with disabilities, at-risk students and any students in need.

Daugherty uses the funding we receive to provide tutorials during school and additional materials to assist students in meeting academic challenges. This funding has helped us become a Recognized Campus by TEA standards and also to meet Adequate Yearly Progress as determined by federal standards.