Dorsey in an AVID school

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. The goal of AVID is to prepare students for college and success in a global society. We use AVID to bring out the best in students and close the achievement gap.

In middle and high schools, AVID is offered as an elective class, although students will experience AVID strategies in other classrooms. In elementary schools, AVID is not offered as an elective. Students in an AVID elementary school will automatically use different AVID strategies to help them learn and prepare for college and career. AVID elementary schools use AVID strategies in a way that affects the entire school.

Elementary program

Currently, AVID strategies are used in 23 of our elementary schools. These strategies are used in daily lessons across entire grade levels. Our goal is to give all students access to a path to success.

Each elementary school uses different aspects of AVID but they all help students:

  • stay organized with binders and agendas
  • learn note-taking skills
  • build confidence
  • increase communication skills
  • develop self-motivation
  • learn in new, collaborative ways

Home and school use programs

Istation Reading 

This program allows students to work on their reading comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and spelling. Istation is available at home for students in grades 3-5. Parents will need to installl istation and students will need their login and password.


Flocabulary is a web-based learning program for all grades and subjects that uses educational hip-hop music that engages students, increases achievement, and brings lessons to life.Students will need their login and password.

Imagine Math

Imagine Math is a research-based math intervention system designed to support students who are struggling with mathematics. It is online, personalized, interactive math instruction for grades 3 through High School.

Imagine Literacy and Language

Imagine Learning is an adaptive literacy program for Pre K through sixth grade students. Through playing games and completing short lessons, students improve foundational skills, and teachers and administrators receive reports on student progress.

Online resources

Skyward Key

Skyward is our student information system.  Use Skyward Family Access to find student grades, attendance and more.


Dimension U logo

DimensionU consists of four engaging and interactive multiplayer video games that focus on core skills in math and literacy. Each game is designed with unique features that bring out distinct academic and strategic skills in students.

Khan academy logo

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.

Naviance logo

Our middle and high school students collaborate with parents, teachers and school counselors to create a personalized college & career plan with Naviance.