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At Ethridge, we are committed to providing quality programs, setting high expectations and using positive reinforcement so that all children can learn and be successful.


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Learn about the upcoming 2020 census with us

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Report urgent student concerns quickly and anonymously via a new webform and app.


Thinking about taking a Credit by Exam? Sign up for the exam by Nov. 22.

Students who intend to take a Credit by Exam on Dec. 7 will have an opportunity to test. Students must sign up for the exam by Nov. 22. 

Tests like the Credit by Exam give 1-12 graders the chance to test out of curriculum dependent on age and score. Students have the opportunity to prove mastery in course requirements like language and earn course credit. Younger students may have the opportunity to move up grade levels. 

Interested? Learn more about Credit by Exam.

On Spirit Days, students may wear an Ethridge shirt with jeans!

College Shirt Day

On College Shirt Day we wear college shirts to represent our favorite colleges.

On Spirit Days, students may wear an Ethridge shirt with jeans!



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