School spirit & history

School motto

Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind.



Wallace Ethridge Elementary, named after the late, Mr. Wallace Ethridge in 1972. 

Wallace Ethridge was born on July 22, 1916, the second of three sons born to A.G. and Odell Ethridge.  A native of Commerce, Texas, he attended the Commerce schools from the first grade through college, receiving his Master Degree form East Texas State University in 1945.  He and the former Leona Pruett were married in Commerce on May 12, 1935, and have three children, Bob, Larry, and Janet and three grandchildren.

A teacher, coach and principal during his lifetime, Mr. Ethridge taught and coached in the school systems of Leonard, Farmersville, Richardson, and Mesquite.  He had a total of sixteen years in the coaching field and six years in Mesquite prior to joining the Garland system,  In Garland, he was a junior high coach for two years before becoming principal of the newly opened Daugherty Elementary school, where he remained for the next seventeen years.


School colors

Our school colors are green and yellow.

School mascot


School Song

Ethridge, our school

Where BOBCATS are cool

Yellow and green

Are the shades to be seen.

There is always love,

We share the gift from above

Learning and growing

Knowledge overflowing.


Ethridge is a great place to be

We’re one big happy family

We sing in perfect harmony

We build our dreams and let the whole world see.

(Repeat Chorus)


At E-T-H-R-I-D-G-E

We never bully, we care for our safety

We use our manners, we respect each other

Lend a hand for our sisters and brothers.

We’re smart, talented, healthy and gifted.

We run, sing, play, draw, read, count everyday

We are really cool. We follow all the rules!

Hear our sound, we’ll turn the world around.